Detroit’s worse nightmare.

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That’s what the all new 2007 Toyota Tundra might turn out to be.

I posted a picture of it a few days ago. But these are still blurry spy shots of more versions.
2 and 4 doors. As well as this Avalanche type truck.Unless this is just a fake looking camouflage.
Two V8s of 4.7 Liter and 5.7 Liter will be offered. And they are also talking of a 6 speed Auto.

It looks like this time, Toyota will take no prisoners.
But the large pick up truck market is very conservative, and a lot of buyers will never consider a foreign truck.
These people will always come back to a Ford or a Chevy.

This is the most profitable share of the market for Detroit. And Toyota will not stop until they win…

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  1. That is the funniest comment I’ve seen.
    That short pharse also “looks” great.

    Thanks a lot for making me laugh.

  2. I am not sure Toyota would want to go into the Avalanche thing. Maybe they’ll incorporate the elements of it into their regular 4-door. I am guessing that is fake camo, but then if they really make one then Detroit has even more worries (nightmares) ahead of them.

  3. Yes, Chevy and Ford each have a strong following, but it’s hard for me to believe that truck buyers–and Ford buyers in particular–will be silly enough to ignore the new Toyota after it’s introduced. My guess is that the Toyota will make the Ford look like a POS by comparison.

  4. The 4 door cabin look very long. Also the shape of the area where the roof meets the windshield is very rounded. Similar to the tacoma. Much more so than any other full size truck I’ve seen on the road. My guess is toyota spent a lot of quality time in the wind tunnel with this one. I’m not big truck fan but I have to say the big 3 have something new to worry about. Toyota has been able to succeed in every single market they have entered first with subcompacts, misize family cars, small trucks and SUVs. I don’t see why the full size market would be any different. Toyota has had its fair share of failures but they always learn from their mistakes. It usually takes them 2 or 3 generations to get things right but once they do…

  5. lol, yeah right, toyota couldnt come anywhere near the ford or gm, with the t100, or the tundra, they certainly wont with this f150 look alike, or avalanche copy. You all may be hoping for the end of our american car companies for whatever reason and how unbeneficial for any of us, but one area the japanese will never win out with the americans is full size trucks and suvs….they arent even close

  6. “but one area the japanese will never win out with the americans is full size trucks and suvs….they arent even close”
    It ‘s that kind of mentality that puts the US car makers in trouble.
    They didn’t take the competition seriously.

    And please, tell me where I wished the end of American car companies. Where did I ever write something like that???

  7. Who says GMs upcoming full-size pickups won’t be Toyota’s worst nightmare. You can only kick someone so much before he kicks back.

  8. every post you trash everything un japanese from bmw to mercedes, to saab to volvo, from cadillacs to beyond the reality is japanese have made poor cars also, yes gm and ford should have spent less time passing off crap to us, expecting the world wouldnt be competition in america, than doing what they are doing now actually making competitive vehicles, but i think its annoying to constantly see post where they trash american car companies as if honda and acura are the best in all things in the world, and the camry is the end all vehicle. and ford and gm very aware of the competition hence the improvements the tahoe is much nicer than the sequoia, and the silverado will be a step ahead of the tundra the current and future, nissan tried and failed, even honda tried and failed,, and as long as gm and ford stay true constant improvement they will do good.

  9. Vince, I really think you’re mixing pictures of three different trucks. The red test mule is definetly the new Toyota Tundra, the second and third however look like GMC replacements. The hood buldges are all very similar, but the headlights don’t match at all.

  10. “The red test mule is definetly the new Toyota Tundra, the second and third however look like GMC replacements.”
    Wow people are already confusing the Tundra for GM product. Proof that new Tacome will kill some serious GM and ford ASS. Maybe they should rename it the “Toyota WoopAss’

    Actually all 3 pics are tundras. Take a closer look at the details. They all have the same front bumper, whels check out the detail on the inside of the tail gate. Same truck. All tundras.

  11. Nissan or Honda didn’t try and then failed, they’re simply beginning to create market share.At one point the taurus out sold the accord and camry. “Vince” is right about american attitudes toward japanese competition. Ford allready made comments to the press criticizing the titans sales numbers just like they’ve done before with other vehicles.Ive also seen “vince” critisize details on the civic’s interior and praise detials on fords, chevys and other makes and models. Truth is he’s just reporting whats out there.

  12. Junk is Junk!!! Isn’t Toyota the company that doubled recalls this past year, as well as the one’s with the major sludge problem???

  13. Junk is Junk!Isn’t Toyota the company that doubled recalls this year, as well as the company with the major sludge problem?? YES they are!

  14. Anyone who actually reads the site knows I dont “trash everything un japanese from bmw to mercedes, to saab to volvo, from cadillacs to beyond”.

    It’s nice of you to look at the pictures, but you have to read the text as well.

    I only trash what needs to be.

  15. How many recalls did the ford focus have? windshields shattering, engines catching on fire, wheel bearings falling off the list goes on for pages and that was supposedly one of their better products in along time. Toyota like any other company lies or makes a few mistakes. they’re far from perfect, but they are statistically alot less imperfect than the american companies. The only people who get the bad end of that are those who drive the lesser product.

  16. The two silver ones could be the rumoured Heavy Duty Tundra that I heard whispers about.

    I’m sure it’ll be a good truck, not blow-the-F150-out-of-the-water-and-take-all-its-sales good but, its probably good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as the F150 and Ram. But, me, I don’t care, trucks are retarded for the majority of suburbanites who buy them.

    I just don’t want to see Detroit completely die, just realize that everything except their trucks, and the Corvette sucks and do something about it.

  17. Not for nothing, but you were pretty harsh on the Volvo S60 and S80, and they’re not even out yet. Maybe they were upgraded where it counts most – ride, handling and comfort. Looks aren’t everything.

  18. Shattering Focus windshields?! Maybe Ford used the same crappy glass Toyota uses in the Scion tC’s shattering glass wind deflector.

  19. Wow, Toyota really is going all out for this new pickup. The crewcab isn’t surprising but the Avalanche like truck is (if it has a midgate)

    Is it just me or does the crewcab look as big as a Dodge MegaCab?

    I’ll also be impressed if they are offering TWO V8s and the 6speed. GM will be forced to throw the new 6sp into the Silverado if that is the case. I’ve been thinking the Silverado was going to get a 4spd because the Tahoe can only get that tranny.

    Ford, for it’s part is getting the 6spd ready for the F-150 and is supposedly going to make the 292 4.6 liter the standard V8. I’m curious if Ford will hurry the 3.5 V6 into their pickups.

  20. There is a segment of people out there wouldn’t even look at full size trucks from the big three, but they’d buy one from Toyota without a second thought mainly on the dependability reputation.

    From this segment, the popularity will spread even to the hardcore Chevy and Ford fans. This strategy has graduallty help the Jap. carmakers invaded the heartland of America.

    It is little too far and too late for Detroit to counter attack. Look all around you, specially in Western states, more foreign brand cars grinding the road than domestic vehicles.

    Full size truck is the last frontier for the Japanese companies, with Toyota leading, come in for final assault.

  21. I am an Expert on suvs and trucks. And I can Proudly say that GM and Ford are safe. The San-Antnio plant can only make 200,000 trucks at full speed. The Fords make about 1-million.
    It Can take the Dodge(sells 300K a year) and the Nissan Titan, But Ford and GM are still over 600,000 units a year. The Nissan was suposed to kill the domestics. Didnt stand a chance.

    If you need anymore info on any brand of truck or suv, Go to my website:

  22. or you you can watch the numerous news reports that say otherwise of these camapanies vehicle histories,
    and again they are creating market share in this field. How many T100’s sold back in the day? Now how many tundras sell per year today? How many Titans? In the beginning no one would buy a mercedes, but now its suposedly the Luxury Brand.

  23. It looks like a winner. Too bad many GM/Ford worshipers are too busy bashing the Toyota to notice that Toyota and Honda have already blasted their car sales, taken the minivan market by storm (DCX still wins that one, for now), and trucks coming from overseas are looking better and better. Innovation is helping Japan stay ahead in the market, while Detroit looks to make their “new” vehicle as good as the current ones from overseas. Sad part is, by the time Detroit delivers the new product, Japan has one-upped it. Just look at the new cars from Chevy…Impala looks like the Ford Dive Hundred, the Cobalt is cheap as can be inside, and the Malibu and Impala still use pushrods!?

    Kinda sad.

  24. Why is everyone wasting their time commenting about this pictures? This is the biggest joke of a car website on the web.

  25. Why are you commenting? This site has more timely information without any of the kiss ass attitude of the major car magazines?

  26. how are those sludgey little engines doing anyway. the bigger they are, the harder they fall. GM, poised for destruction is very big, does that mean their cars are good too??

  27. That’s definitely the new Tundra in all three pics. The bumpers are all the same, and GM doesn’t use that kind of camo.

  28. OH OH OH i know something about toyota. yada yada sludge. Sludge this and sludge that. OMG did you hear about the sludge. OMG OMG OMG. I can’t get over it. I’m grasping for straws. I read one thing online and now i know all toyotas suck because of sludge. wait till my toyota Aztek driving friends found out about this.


  29. i’m not saying it’s a GM. they all change camo weekly. I’m saying it’s a Toyota for sure. the japanese GM

  30. straws would be a small problem with a window regulator switch or a paint blemish. this is SLUDGE. the oil gets so thick the engine is finishrd. the engine. that’s not a straw or a bail of straw, that’s the whole freakin’ farm. this toyota sludge problem will cost them dearly. do a simple google search for toyota sludge. if you had, you would be shocked

  31. OMG really? Tell me more. You are soo cool. I wish I could be just like you. Do you get all your information from simple google seaches? WOW I bet all toyotas ever made bar non had sludge probles. UR my hero.

  32. CHILDREN, DON’T MAKE ME STOP THIS CAR!!! Toyota’s sludge problem is generally regulated to their 3.0 Liter V-6s in their Camry line.

  33. I didn’t ignore the last big truck Toyota built. I bought it, I broke it, I returned it (and they didn’t give me the full price back — apparently that amazing Toyota resale value is just a myth). Anyway, I took the cash and put it down on a new Dodge. So far its dependable (after 1-1/2 years and 113,000 miles).

  34. Ok explain why toyota’s profits for 2004 were greater than ford and gm combined for 2003 and 2004. there is a reason you can buy a ford or gm for $8000 off the sticker. The normal Tundra impacted their sale because the tundra buyer was looking for comfort in there truck and not work load. yet the there are the gm and ford buyers who have no choice because toyota did not make a full size. the profit quote is from automotive news
    anyway toyota has had minor recalls one was on the prius and that was a program glitch in the computer system and was only on 10,000 cars, they also reaclled some tundras because they noticed that the muffler was to close to a brake line, and the tc wind deflector had to be changed to tempered glass. beccause toyota doent do a mass production line they will only have about 4,000 to 10,000 cars come off the line with a defect were as to gm and ford are looking at 40,000 befor a defect is noticed. in 1991 the asked toyota to come and show them there system and 6 mo in to the training the gm said that the sytem woulndt workand cancled the programe. And toyota has been in the full size truck market you should look up hino deisle co that is toyota’s deisle line. many towtruck and wharehouse co have begun to buy these trucks. and you the best selling gm was the geo metro and the poniac line and guess what they were built but the united moto co ……built for gm…..

  35. Hey you broke the toyota you paid for it. Did you expect a free ride? Good luck with that dodge. Let us know when you break that one.

  36. sludge only because people do not know how to change their oil. what other company would have recalls on vehicles over 10 years old with un limited miles? Toyota is building the best truck in TEXAS and the world!!!

  37. Everybody knows TOYOTA is the best auto company. Ford and GM can kiss Toyota’s dust as they fly
    sales by them. Ok lets talk bout Ford. Lets say the Taurus is decease because of the Camry. The
    Camry flew by the Taurus sales so quick that thay couldn’t redesign it. We are not going to even
    the bout how the Corolla top the Focus sales every year. Ok so they came out with the Fusion and
    I have yet to see one on the road. Also let me add that the Avalon came out a year after the Five
    Hundred and I see so many Avalon’s compared to the Five thing. We also will not talk about the
    Freestar and Sienna. Do they still make the Freestar might as well say they Windstar because its
    the some car. Im not going 2 even go to the SUV’s and Trucks. Let me make my way to GM. G6 where
    are they. Cobalt where are they. Malibu where are they. I think thats why i see them all at used
    car lots because people switch to Toyota. My mom own a Envoy and its in the shop every week for
    something major(and yes she is getting a 07 Camry do you see what I am talking about). Another
    example, my step-father own a 2001 Expendition and its at least two recalls on it a year(and he
    is getting the new sequioa when it come out if the EXPO last). My dad have a 2001 Toyota Tundra
    and if you ask if it ever been to the shop i will say no(and yes he is getting a 07 Tundra).
    Ford and GM need to learn from the best. Also why is it that when Ford and GM come with a car its
    replacing another car with a new name, because people don’t want to buy that crap. Ford and GM
    need to stop making car before they come bankrupt. Also Ford and GM cars remind me of a rental car
    or a driving school car. Fords car catch on fire and GM cars all have electronic problems and many
    more. I think I’m going 2 wrap this up. TOYOTA’S #1. O yeah in not Asian or am i from china. I’m
    right here in Galveston, TX. so I you have something to say step to me.

  38. Volvo was top in safety for years…1999 ford buys Volvo..and they lose the rep as safest cars on the road..Ford makes Land Rover and Jag.. Consumer reports states that these cars on average are 180% worse in reliability than the average car… average cars were considered fords and GM….toyota, scion, Lexus, Honda, and Acura are rated 60% better than average. Mercaides Benz…Was the top german car in reliability and the Crysler bought them know the are haveing many problems..the year is 2006. go to Bestbuy, and find a tv or stereo, a camara, cell phone made by an american company. you wont find it because they had there shot in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. and the american consumer was not happy..the reason is not cheap labor. it is the fact that no matter what they get paind the have pride in there work unlike US as AMERICANS we just look for more and more money it cost GM $1500 per employee in medical insurance for every truck that comes off the line. that is why 35,000 people lost there jobs before christmas. they are closing saturn, pontiac, and one other company…i have nothing against unions but they are putting GM out of bussiness.

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