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If you like cheap plastics, the new Dodge is for you.
I like the design, but the interior could be so much better.
Let’s hope it feels better than it looks.

But congratulations to Dodge anyway, for putting out a 5 door hatch design in the segement.

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  1. yeah that’s definitely in birmingham michigan.. but a dash that cheap looks like the dodge shadow’s of the early 90’s.. when will Chrysler EVER learn?

    i agree vince.. good attempt, but looks like it fell short.. AGAIN!

  2. this will work, it gives lower income buyers a chance to get the higher end chrysler look. it will sell

  3. It is really irritating to see that interior because this car is otherwise great looking. DCX screwed the pooch on this one IMO.

    I just hope the Compass doesn’t look that bad.

  4. looks solid. On second inspection, the interior isn’t that bad, it looks right up the alley of other cars in this segment. Not ALL cars can have the great interiors of a Mazda3

  5. ok here’s my take. The exterior is good looking regardless of what it looks like.

    The interior on the other hand? No your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is crap and no one should fool themselves into believing it is anything less.

    This reminds me of the same kind of cheap garbage interior Chrysler used to put in their K cars during the forgettable ’80s.

    Yes sure it will sell. I hope it’s MSRP doesn’t move north of 16k. Otherwise they’ll need REEEBATEs to move this drag queen.


  6. the tail lamps are too big and look fragile. and the rear end looks like the runaway bride’s face with huge eyeballs and a small snatch, oops i mean hatch…

  7. An intelligent and useful design that I’d consider if I were car shopping (I already have an ’04 Accord that’s so good that I won’t be car shopping again for a long time).
    The interior is probably as crappy as Vince says because the current Dodge Charger’s dash looks like the contents of a vacuum cleaner bag and this less costly car can only be worse.
    Still, the new Caliber is probably an excellent car if it’s priced competitively.

  8. Phafanapolis,

    You’re right, not everything can be as good as the Mazda 3 (which is the standard bearer of small cars)

    But they damn well should be. 🙂

  9. Interior doesn’t look any worse than the Magnum and Charger. Which don’t look as nice as my inexpensive 2006 Carvan SE.

    However, it’s all about the ride, right? Let’s see if it outhandles and out accelerates the Focus. Yeah, the Mazda3 is even better, but that is a pricey target to aim at.

    Still think the MKIV Golfs were a steal, if you didn’t let the options run away with you, the interiors were slick and they had tons of safety gear.

  10. The interior does not look that bad for the class that it is in. In fact, the console and shifter look a lot like the Mazda 5. need a really good photo of the official interior, or better, a personal look. Once we feel the materials, we will know if it is total crap or not.In my opinion, the rear looks more like a Volvo than Malibu Maxx, and I bet that’s what they were going for.

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