Dodge Challenger Concept

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Just thought I’d post more pictures of that new concept.
As I said before, there is nothing new here. But in this case, who really cares, it looks great.

Kill the Charger and let’s get this in the showrooms pronto!

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  1. I don’t see the appeal of this car that’s a near carbon copy of a not so great car from decades ago.

    Yes, under the style will be new and competent mechanical components, but why bring back something that was never much to consider in the first place?

    Just another boring Mustang knock-off for nothing IMO.

  2. Those early spy shots and blurry official photos didn’t do it justice as these pics proove. The car looks great and im usually not a fan of heavy retro designs but there are enough modern elements in this to make it real cool and slick.

  3. That center console pic confirms one thing: This is the production car in drag. I hope the manual tras with a clutch pedal makes into the the other chrysler sedans.

  4. The retro design has appeal but will have a short shelf life.

    After the expected initial surge in sales where do they go from here? Camaro concept is much better execution.

  5. This thing will go the way of the Thunderbird, the dye hards will buy it and then it will quickly dissappear.

  6. It looks 10 times better than a mustang that POS is stilling like crazy. This is going to be a smash hit for Chrysler.

  7. It looks 10 times better than a mustang that POS is stilling like crazy. This is going to be a smash hit for Chrysler.

  8. You are all wrong! It’s a beauty. I want to climb in through the window. It even looks better than the Mustang.

    If all you stupid little cry babies are going to cry about a retro knock-off, just look at BMW’s mini and Toyota’s FJ. Everyone is getting in on the retro act, not just the Americans.

    And you think the Camaro concept will be better…just wishful thinking, where are the pictures?

  9. This thing is nice. As far as sales go, don’t make the same mistake you all made dissin the chrysler 300 when it first came out. A lot of people embarassed themselves.

  10. Yeah, i’ve seen it too. Its absolute crap, does nothing for me. I like that they went modern but it has nothing special or unique about it whatsoever.

  11. i used to own a challenger actually did a frame off restoration of it so i know every square inch of one, and this thing doesnt do it justice ! its too close to the old one, i like retro but this is too close to the old one, would have prefered some new lines on it or something to make it a little more modern looking instead of an exact copy of the old one !

  12. The Camaro looks sexy. Its got shoulders, a mean face and a swat, low stance. The Challenger has no shoulder, looks kinda tall and dopey.

  13. That things a beast. I would take that over a Mustang, easily. At leaset this thing has independent suspension, IE it can take turns.


  14. The Camaro concept does not look retro…it looks like a spaceship. Expect it to be toned down if it makes it to production.

  15. Camaro is plain ugly. Like a delorean or something. This Dodge looks hot. Can’t wait till I it comes out (or 6 months after it comes out, when the typical Chrysler resale value makes these things really cheap).

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