Fiat 500/Trepiuno

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This looks like a small phone picture of the upcoming new Fiat 500 based on the Trepiuno concept.
The new 500 is rumored to ue the same platform as the next Ford Ka.

We’ll never see either over here…

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  1. Trepiuno? Is that Italian for “piece of crap”? Where do you put the wind-up key? I’ve seen baby shoes that were bigger than this thing.

  2. Andrew, not only do you lack a sense of humor, but you seem to come up a bit short in the brains deptartment, too. Trepiuno is not “500” in Italian, so I guess you know even less about cars. 500 in Italian is “cinquecento”. Trepiuno is a short form of “Tre piu’uno”, or 3 plus 1, because the car can carry 3 adults and 1 child. But you’d still look just dandy in one.

  3. Speaking of the Ka, hasn’t the Mini shown that there is a real market for subcompacts if they are cool enough. The Ka, especially the Sport Ka, is on an old platform but the next gen should be brought to the US.

    But I don’t give Bill Ford enough credit to do something THAT smart.

  4. I have a sense of humour, but that doesn’t include calling stuff “piece of crap” for no reason at all.

    Sorry about the mistake, couldn’t believe i made it! Was v v tired last night, two exams in one day! Honestly i knew what Trepiuno meant, I saw it in 2004 at a couple of shows. As you said the 500 is the Fiat cinquecento… and that really is a piece of crap.

    … I’d look a Dandy in one? “A man who affects extreme elegance in clothes and manners”… yay i’ll look cool!

  5. We would never see it anyways even if it were over here with all the SUV’s, pickups and minivans on the road.

  6. “I have a sense of humour, but that doesn’t include calling stuff “piece of crap” for no reason at all.”

    Given the tendency for some on this site to dismiss – if not trash – vehicles because their redesigns aren’t drastic enough, I figured it was par for the course.

  7. Anonymous, u might actually have a point! I think the new Volvo S80 is quite attractive, however i certainly admire manufacturers who push the limits, or create something interesting, such as Chrysler with the 300, Citroen with the C4 or C6.

    I was just annoyed intially because you called it a piece of crap because it is small. Small cars can be great! It’s a shame not many are on sale in America. Anyway lets not be rude to each other. Each to our own opinion!

  8. WOW Anonymous, how did you do it?!! Three unfunny remarks which all just highlight how ignorant you are.If you, knew anything about cars you’d know it’s Italian for 500. The original 500 which was around from i think the 50s-70s? (am i right Vince?) and was basically the Italian Mini. The original was truely iconic in Europe. Personally I can’t wait for it, the Fiat Panda has to be one of the best cars of this millenium, so hopefully it should be great!if anyone’s interested it should look like this when it comes out…

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