Ford Everest Movie!

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That’s right, a spy movie.
All you have to do is click on the picture.

But don’t expect too much. The truck is pretty well covered, and there were about 4 people guarding it, so I couldn’t get that close to it…
It gives you an idea, and it’s not worse than all the other spy shots I’ve seen out there.

This is based on the next Expedition, and will compete with the new Suburban.
I guess they changed their minds after thay canned the Excursion. They thought it might actually be a good idea to “make the same mistake twice”…

That’s all we need…

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  1. I’m not sure how its a mistake. The Everest is just an extended Expedition built on the same frame. Its like a lomg wheelbase version of the same truck.

    If anything, it should be a more fuel friendly vehicle than the Excursion, and with the new bumper beam Ford is designing into their new trucks, it should be more automobile friendly in collisions.

    Big vehciles like this are here to stay, becasue many businesses actually need them. So, you might as well drop the whole SUVs suck routine and congratulate Ford for the ways it tries to make such behemoths less of an impact on our roads and the environment.

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