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What happened to the G6 convertible.
It was in L.A. But no dates still. I noticed that the cut between the body and the trunk was smoohther than on the car they had a year ago. A year ago! AAnd it is still not in production.
They had a roof problem a few months ago, but I though it was resolved by now.
Still a very good looking car. But it comes a bit late. It will now have a tough competition from the VW Eos. And the Sebring next year.

They could have been ahead…

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  1. I don’t know how soon the Eos (Digital Rebel XT- what a horrible name. EOS == Canon, I’d sue) will be here. Recently they talked about a delay due to rood design issues, same as Pontiac. The G6 may be on the market for a while before the Eos arrives.

    I was entirely disheartened by the pricing on the C70, btw. If the Eos comes in $5-8k south of the Volvo, Volvo won’t sell many C70s.

  2. The VW is supposed to sart at $12 000 less than the Volvo!
    Canon has been using the name EOS for years, way before Digital Camera.
    Weird. I guess as long as VW doesn’t make cameras, Canon can’t sue.

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