Golf SUV

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I ‘ve hear a couple of names for this, so I’ll just call it the Golf SUV for now.

These are just illustrations, so we’re guessing here. But it looks pretty much like the spy shots.
A good idea, especially for the US market, where they could compete with the RAV4 and the other small car based SUVs.

That could just be the one that turns things around for VW .Over here, at least.

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  1. how many cars can VW build off of the poor little golf platform? already there’s the seat leon, the golf, the golf plus, the audi A3 3-and 5-door, the gti, the jetta sedan and wagon, the new beetle, the touran, the skoda octavia, and i think one of the smaller seat MPVs. if i’m not mistaken, that’s 11 cars off of the same platform!

  2. Doesn’t this, and the Golf Plus essentially fill the same market void? I would rather the Golf Plus look more “Agressive”, and not have the obscene body cladding.

  3. The beauty of 11+ cars off of one platform informs the “major three” that it can be done with a profit.

    P.S. Don’t tell that to Oldsmobile.

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