Honda FIt for the US market.

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These are the 1st official photos of the Honda Fit, for the US market.
It is the same car that came out in 2001!
So we get a 5 year old model! Nice…
I sat in one 3 years ago. It was fine, 3 years ago!

With a 1.5 Liter and 109hp, it pretty much competes with the Scion xB. But the xB will be all new soon.
And the 31 City and 38Hwy mileage figures aren’t better than the larger and more modern Civic.

It’d better be very cheap.

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  1. It probably won’t be very cheap, it is an import. It looks decent, but the “forehead” of the car looks HUGE. But then again, thats not that big of a criticism, since thats how all small cars look like, for example VW Fox, smart fortwo

  2. Vince, you have a really good website. I visit frequently. I can tell by your comments that you are not a honda fan. This car will sell as do all other hondas. Honda cars are reliable, sturdy, and above all well built. The civic and rideline are motor trends car/truck of the year. That has to tell you something. The Fit will sell.

  3. hey vince, i like your site.
    i also like this honda fit…
    at least that’s what i keep telling myself…
    no, no, i take that back i really like it…
    but wait i’m pissed that it’s an old model…
    but what does it matter… it’s just a car…
    if you start out dated then you never have to keep up with the latest…

  4. I’m not sure where you got the idea that I’m not a Honda fan. I said before that I don’t really care about brands.
    I compared the Accord to the C class and was bashed for critisizing the all mighty Mercedes.
    I think Honda is ripping us off by selling here a 5 year old design as new, and people don’t think I like Honda.(???!)
    I don’t get it…

  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….Ok that is one of the most boring vehicles I have ever seen. The ridgeline sales are far below forecast btw. This is another vehicle only a hondafile could love.

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