Infiniti G35 Coupe. Concept

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That’s a weird one to me. Why show such a thinly disguised version of your next model, while the current one is still selling well…
But this gives us an idea of the next G35.
As you can see, it will be one of these “all new car that looks like the old one”.

I have to say, the current car still looks great, so I can see whay they kept a similar shape. And the interior is a big improvement, much better than anything BMW has to offer.

They are also thinking of entering the European market with this car, equiped with a brand new Diesel V6.

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  1. looks good. It would be a pipe dream to hope the slippery, gorgeous silver paint makes production. The interior is lightyears ahead of the old one.

  2. Oh Thank God they didn’t screw it up. Hard to believe they actually made the exterior look better. Not so hard to believe that about the interior. The center console looks great, as does the rest of the dash. Nice work Infiniti, I’m drooling over the G35 once more.

    I can’t wait to see the sedan.

  3. lol that much better than bmw comment was cute (can we get rid of the fact that u dont like bmw, and mercedes for whatever reason, and are sweet on anything japanese) an infiniti has never doesnt now, and will never have an interior as “nice” as any bmw let alone better than every bmw. the current one has always been criticized for its cheap interior materials, the 3 series, 5 series or 6 or 7 have not recieved that. this is an example of what makes me sick about “american” drivers they are so obsessed on making the idea that everything japanese is better than everything else that they will hold to lies just to make that false stament the truth, if u dont like german cars dont buy them, if u dont like american cars dont buy them but dont make up “facts and rediculous opionions about cars that do not have the “substance” to back it up. the 3 series 99-05, and 06 and beyond have been the benchmark in this segment despite any new comers be it the new is, or g35 and magazines agree with that the interior of 99-05 have been way nicer than the cars it competes with, and is the 06 comeon guys let gets off the brainwashing, and by the way for an all new car it certainly looks like the old with european styling cues, and im sure a cheap low rent interior

  4. I also am surprised they were able to make the exterior look even better. It’s much less stodgy-looking than any BMW 3-series crap. 😛 And the Star Trek: TNG interior works for me.

  5. Wow this car looks fantastic. I can’t believe they were able to improve on the old one. It looks modern without anyone having to explain to you about flame surfacing (whatever happened to that?) and Bangle yada yada. I also think Its very Japanese. I don’t think anyone would mistake this design for a european car short of something italian. Its just not their style. Bravo Nissan. Now give us the GTR.

  6. Beautiful!

    I hardly ever see a G35 on the road. Surprising, really, considering it’s such a good value. I guess people are still buying those f*cking SUVs.

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