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Click on the picture to see some of the more interesting interiors I saw at the Auto Show.

The Solstice, with a convenient iPod plug, but nowhere to put the actual iPod.
The nice interior of the new DTS. But with some really cheap plastic chrome.
The super nice Azera interior. One of my favorite. I must say I was disapointed in the Sonata’s very plain looking interior.
Especially next to the Azera’s.
And also the very luxurious Mercedes S Class. I’m still not crazy about the old fashion dashboard. But the quality of everything is pretty amazing. (as it should be at that price…)

What are your favorite interiors? Something that turned out better than you thought when you actually saw it.

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  1. Get us some shots of the Escalade’s interior. The photos I’ve seen are absolutely magnificant. I think GM has really taken a few steps up with all of their interiors.

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