Lincoln MKS Concept

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More pictures of this nice looking Lincoln Concept.
But it looks like it could be anything. Even the interior doesn’t have that new “Lincoln feel”.
It’s more like an Audi.

We shouldn’t expect the production model to look that good. It might change just enough to be ruined. That is usually what Ford/Lincoln does…

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  1. BMW style on Volvo S80 chassis. Nothing wrong with that, but unless it’s priced low and you can find a Lincoln dealer somewhere, why bother with this?

  2. i agree the zephyr concept looked pretty cool the real car looks bloated with oversized tail lights, and over hangs. but this car does look good if they dont ruin it to much it will be nice

  3. Looks like a promising product. Just don’t forget to sweat the details with this one, OK? And don’t let it languish on the lots like the outgong LS either.

  4. Overall a somewhat… confusingly styled car.
    Front is nice, looks Lincoln enough, but the Forenza taillights/backend don’t seem to fit-and the interior, well, velvet is an interesting touch and so is they sort of multi-tiered layout-but the wheel looks too old fashioned (albeit different).

    I’ll wait for the product.

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