Lincoln MKS Concept

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More pictures of the really good looking Lincoln MKS.

It is classy in a way the old Lincolns were. They were always pretty subtle.
Just too bad for the horrible name.
What was wrong with Continental, or anything else that would be better than MKS?

Lincoln shouldn’t be afraid of being American. They don’t sell these cars overseas anyway.
Just be the best American cars, period. They are too obsessed with competing with Mercedes and BMW.
They don’t get that they don’t appeal to the same audience anyway….

Keep the glass roof (the MKX has one) and give us an American E Class! For much less!

More and more corporate BS, when will it stop???

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  1. I thought that Fields guy just came out and said , Ford/Lincoln are going to be American vehicles. They were not going to try and copy the germans anymore? Why the name changes then?

  2. I said the following on the previous entry about the car, but it was too late so nobody read it :p :

    Overall a somewhat… confusingly styled car.
    Front is nice, looks Lincoln enough, but the Forenza taillights/backend don’t seem to fit-and the interior, well, velvet is an interesting touch and so is they sort of multi-tiered layout-but the wheel looks too old fashioned (albeit different).

    I’ll wait for the product.

  3. This one is confusing. I was excited when i saw it at first because it does look sporty, classy, and modern but then it clearly sets in that there’s really nothing special at all about it to a tremendous degree. Its like a machine designed it rather than a human.

  4. it blows! Its like they tried to take every “good” styling detail and put it all together. Its got that whole 1990s-Jelly-Bean look to it, with sqinty Alfa Romeo / Acura headlamps, and then a set of too small tail lights. They got it right on the Continental concept from a few years back. Stick with that, hell, nobody would even care if that was AWD, it was just that damn good looking.

  5. Yes, “MKS” stands for “Mark S” — and “MKX” stands for “Mark X”. I think they are mimicking what they did for the MK LT to an extent.

  6. I think Lincoln would be better served by actually calling those vehicles the “Mark S”, “Mark X”, and “Mark LT” It sure sounds alot better than MKS or MKX.

    Of course, Vince is right that Continental sounds perfect.

    So when will the Zephyr be renamed the MKZ?

  7. The surfacing and proportion behind the B-pillar is disappointing, flat and lack proper stance. This is Toyota rear-half styling. Way too bland to be a luxury car.

  8. The more I look at this, the more I see the new Volvo S80. I haven’t seen spy pics in a while, but there are strong resemblences in the sheetmetal and interior (wish I could find those pics!)

  9. Vince,

    You are correct about older Lincolns being subtle. Some great examples existed from the ’30’s thru the early ’70’s, but the ’57 Mark II is perhaps my favorite.

    This MKS needs minor tweaking, but overall it is handsome and representative of a new design direction for Licoln.

  10. My favorite Lincoln from the past has to be the 1961 Continental. The egg-crate grill, the flat, slab-like sides, just gorgeous. Especially when compared to the Cadillacs of the same era.

  11. Much better looking car in person the picture does not do it justice. Too bad it won’t be out soon, would be a great addition to the Lincoln line-up.

    The new camry is not very good looking in person surprisingly because I liked the photos. New lexus flagship has lots of BMW DNA in it when you see it up close. Saturn sky and aura will do great things for the brand, really nice efforts. Just couple impressions after going to the NAIAS.

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