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And what a stupid name!
They changed Aviator to this. They claim that’s the way it’s going to be from now on at Lincoln. No more names.
Sad really…

People associate with names. All these suits are obsessed with competing, or trying to imitate BMW and Mercedes. That’s why.
It happened at Acura and Cadillac before. Was RL really that much of an improvement over “Legend”???

Whatever they call it, it seems to have a nice interior anyway. More on this maybe later today.

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  1. Vince-
    I always marvel at your comments because you say what I think 99% of the time!
    I understand automakers are going to Alpha/Numeric designations so they can market the same vehicle internationally without having to create several nameplates or worry about “poor” translations. For instance, apparently “LaCrosse” means self-flagellation in some language. What EVER!
    I’m sure all the AutoExecs and decision-makers in their think tanks and design centers are aware of what they’re doing…so knowing that they are…
    Names rock, letters and numbers SUCK!

  2. MKX, What does that mean? The Aviator is a great name. I once would like them to name an SUV without “X” in it

    The interior looks essentiall like a Navigator or a Zephyr

  3. LOL like Lincoln is tanking because of the names of the vehicles they make. Are these auto manufactures completely out of touch?

  4. People seem to forget marketing 101. Brand names sell. Yes “RL” is better than “Legend” because back then everyone owned “Legends” and not “Acuras”. This is why they dumped the names and it’s why Caddy and Lincoln are too. You want to own a LINCOLN not a Aviator.

    In todays world, cars are becoming very similar in design, execution, options, etc. One of the ways to seperate a Lincoln from a Ford is making Lincoln mean more has a BRAND.

    Honestly folks, it’s smart marketing.

  5. I hope Lincoln has the foresight to keep the Navigator name. In a market driven by credibility in the entertainment industry, alpha numeric names won’t cut it.

  6. “In todays world, cars are becoming very similar in design, execution, options, etc. One of the ways to seperate a Lincoln from a Ford is making Lincoln mean more has a BRAND.

    Honestly folks, it’s smart marketing.”

    It’s smart marketing only when your brand name already means something to buyers, and the naming scheme is applied across the product line. Acura had the confidence to change to alphanumeric designations in the US because the Acura name was recognized as a quality vehicle built by Honda, and the Legend and Integra names were used on Hondas elsewhere in the world. Cadillac recently changed to alphanumeric designations on some of its products, but seems to be hesitant to add the Escalade to the fold.

    The funny thing is that Lincoln tried this once before unsuccessfully with the LS, and then backed off later by adding Aviator and Zephyr. I think this is suicide for Lincoln because the brand doesn’t stand for much in the consumer’s mind anymore, with such a disparate lineup of vehicles — imagine the consequences of dropping the Town Car and Navigator names! This should have been the Aviator.

  7. i think the name change is rediculous also, but it does have some logic i guess it forces people to concentrate more on the brand name and not the name of the vehicle.

  8. You guys are crazy. MKX sounds so romantic… It brings all sorts of emotions. I’m all in tears right now.


    P.S. This interior brings back to me the worst memories I had from the seventees with ugly orange shaggy carpets and bars you could find in every basement of every all american bungalow. Just bring back the digital speedometers and we’re in business. Good luck convincing me that you represent the future though.

  9. I just bought a new FX… or is it MX,… . No, LX! ( LS?) (ML? ) …. Anyway, I recommend it Highly! It’s definitely the brand I recommend to all my friends. I know: AMX! Yes, that’s it! –kind of retro-styled, very distinctive.

  10. Build a great product and people will come. Maybe they will rename the Mustang, lets see what we could call it, the MTM (get it?).

  11. Maybe they’re trying to market to bling bling clientele by paying homage to (M)artin Luther (K)ing and Malcom (X).

  12. And Lincoln needs to stop using so much fake aluminum on their dash, along with the tacky looking wood. They’re all starting to look the same.

    Look at Lexus… their dashes look pretty different across the model range (ES being the prettiest) even though it’s basically the same two-tone + wood.

  13. I won’t mind if they use alphabet soup names for the F-Awd cars – wish the Zep was named “LZS” instead! But the Aviator name is(was) a good one. Btw, they should use MkX, MkS, etc… at least that makes it look more like an abbreviation for Mark-something.

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