Mazda CX-7

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More pictures of the great looking new SUV from Mazda.
You can load it up with everyting, including a navigation system with rear view camera. And everything else you can think of.

Let’s hope they won’t price it too high.

I will see it tomorrow at the Auto Show and will post pictures and movies about it as soon as I can. Hopefully tomorrow night or the next day.

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  1. Pretty boring really… You can now get a Mazda 5 or the 6 wagon or the MPV or the CX-7 if ur looking for an innofensive wagon/crossover car… and the CX-9 is coming

  2. It looks good to me. Sadly it only comes with a 6 speed auto tranny. And yes Vince post everything you saw on the LA auto show.

  3. I’m disappointed that the CX-7 is substantially smaller than the Murano. The CVT on my Murano litteraly exploded on Christmas eve (the tranny has a 1″ hole in the side) While it was covered under warranty, I don’t think I’ll consider it again when my lease is up. I was going to consider the CX-7 but it only has 29.9cu ft of space in the rear with the seats up and 58.6cu ft with the seats down.

    The Murano has 81.6cu ft when the seats are down and 32.6 when the seats are up.

  4. I have to give credit to Mazda…they have been pumping out some very nice sheetmetal with a great family resemblance throughout thier entire line.

  5. To the extent the Mazda CX-7 and other cars like it encourage people to choose small, tall wagons instead of the monster SUVs that so many people don’t need is good IMO.

  6. Its stunning, for an SUV. Why can’t all the stupid “crossovers”/car based SUVs / superstation wagons look like the CX-7, Murano and Magnum?

    I’m happy too see the direct injection turbo engine getting more applications, such a shame to use it only on the ‘Speed6 only.

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