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Just one more Tundra picture.
This seems to be the largest one yet, a 4 door with long bed.
This time they seem very serious.

I remember when the Camry was dismissed as a poor attempt to a front wheel drive sedan.
But by the 3rd generation, it took over the country.

I think this 3rd generation large truck will be quite successful in the US as well. It would be a big mistake to dismiss it.

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  1. Hey Vince, what do think the odds are that this one is a 1 or 3/4 ton truck? I bet there is a dually somewhere.

    So how does this work into Toyota’s green reputation?

    All that said, the new Silverado had better be a home run.

  2. ya, go with that, bigger is better attitude. sound like anyone you know who is fastracking to bankrupcy…..ya GM!

  3. Beavis, Toyota’s “green” reputation is all about it’s cars and hybrids. Toyota NEVER claimed it’s regular SUVs and trucks as being “green”. Some of you people are taking this out of context. What Toyota markets is that it offers CHOICES. If you want a green vehicle, you can get one from Toyota.

    And whoever ask who’s dismissing this … how about most of the domestic fanatics out there on various forums, not to mention the monotonous “sludge” trolls on these boards. Then again, these little kids hardly represent the market as a whole.

    That looks like a seriously mean truck. An HD diesel and hybrid model would be the icing on the cake here.

    There are rumours the new Tundra will be available in 32 different configurations. Looks like it just might be true.

  4. Toyota, like every other manufacturer in the world, is about MONEY.
    People want green cars, they build them. Other people want big thirsty trucks, they build them too.

    It’s that simple…

  5. I’m not Toyota bashing…they are great, high quality automobiles…but it’s just so freakin hard to get excited about any new Toyota.

  6. Not boring = Innovation, a new twist on an old idea, a new technology to solve an old problem…that’s “NOT BORING”

  7. Hey Aaron, don’t jump to conclusions yet. The new Tundra just might have innovation.

    And Toyota is not a stranger to innovation, I mean look at the new Lexus LS.

  8. My bad. I guess I just saw another big truck like Ford or GM would put out. Maybe Toyota has a nice surprise for us…give us something that hasn’t been done before…maybe a lockable trunk…wait, no…

  9. They might actually have a portable toilet inside.
    Between the 2 rear seats.
    At least that’s what I hear…

  10. I though Toyota “trucks” WERE portable toyolets. (just kidding) I see in usual Toyota form, they’re again copying the competition (Fords longer regular cab, Dodges Mega-cab, Chevys Avalanche). (And the new Lexus 450 copies BMW 750 just like the old Lexus copied MB S-class.) But I’m sure the new Toyota truck will be priced 15% higher than the competition (just like the old one was) and STILL increase market share. I’ve never been that impressed with the Toyota product, but I marvel at their marketing abilities. Everybody else thinks its the product that sells– Toyota is smarter– they KNOW its the marketing. And marketing is their forte.

  11. They aren’t copying the Mega Cab. Toyota has vehicles in each aspect and category of vehicles. And Toyota is not only about green cars. If that was their goal, we would be seeing hybrid Tacomas and 4 Runners. And I think it just looks big in the angle. And the wheels don’t match in scale with the wheel arch. If my post sucks, it’s cuz I’m 11. I swear. I just love cars.

  12. I think the existing Sequoia has the ugliest dash of any vehicle ever ( except for the F-150 of a few years earlier, which Toyota foolishly copied — flaws and all). When is the new improved Sequoia due?

  13. thinks it looks like a Dodge Ram? Big deal I bet resell value will be higher…Face It People no one want anything from the big three…

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