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For those who were wondering about the interior.
It turns out looking really nice. But I think it is a bit too close to the Land Rover LR3 and even the Range Rover.

It looks good, but why put a Rover look inside a Ford truck.
What happen to the Range Rover “exclusivity”???

Other news? Not sure. Besides the front, I can’t see much outside. They do now offer a 6 speed auto.
So you might be able to get a whoping 13 mpg now!

So go ahead, treat yourself and make the new Saudi Crown Prince a happy man…

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  1. i think your a little confused on your cars, first off this is the same interior that in an f150 and in the lincoln truck, take closer look at it, not the same interior in the other 2……but i guess that saids alot about ford if there “interiors in the lincoln and f150 have always looked like this so much for downing ford….lol confused….and the tahoe has been out since like 2000, this expedition has been out since like 2003, so its not time for a complete re do, maybe in 3 or 4 or years, it would be a waste to totally do a car that is this new, not even honda does that, accords and cycle are on 4 or 5 year cycles like most cars…..

  2. It is the top cover that makes it look different. The center console, intrument pod, glove box, and air bag cover are all the same. But the cover really changes it up in a nice way IMO.

  3. So vince, what do you suppose the fuel mileage of your beloved mega Tundra is going to be like? Maybe a whopping 13 mpg? That should also make the new Saudi Crown Prince a happy man, or is it OK to burn that much fuel because you’re doing it ina Toyota?

  4. I don’t like the Mega Tundra.
    Where did you read that???
    Because I never wrote that I loved it…

    I’m just pointing out that Detroit should watch their backs.
    They don’t seem to realize what’s going on.

  5. The Current Expedition is still a revised version of the previous one. It was not all new in 2003.

  6. I suppose im just bitchy today, But that looks nothing like a range rover!!!!!!! Maybe you should examine the material quality you so pashionatly rave about.

  7. Ok so Vince got the interior off. What’s important to note here is the Expedition’s upgraded interior
    does nothing to help Ford stop the hemorrhaging of market share.

    Winey noises about asian competion who have mastered their domestic rivals in almost every area of the market segment is only a distraction from the real issue. Both Ford and GM are spending their remaining coin trying to play catch-up instead of offering leading edge technology in the area of affordable hybrid fuel economy to the mass market.

    Yes I can see this really helping them shore up their remaining market share. Yeah. Right.


  8. Just noticed a sign on a San Francisco Chevron station with the cheapest gas at $2.649. Was $2.599 3 days ago and $2.399 a couple of weeks ago. So, gas prices are again on the rise.

    So, how many people REALLY need these monster vehicles? Sure, some folks do, but it’ll be no surprise if these oversized pieces of crap languish on dealers’ lots.

    These huge SUVs are silly and the sooner they’re extinct, the better.

  9. So how many people in San Fran actually own a large SUV to begin with? I’m betting that its relatively few when compared to Texas where gas is as low as $2.14 in the DFW area and has recently been falling.

    I do agree that we are going to see fewer sales of this market segment. That is why GM isn’t building the new Tahoe at three different plants. They used to build them in Arlington, TX, a plant in Oklahoma, and one in Mexico. The new Tahoe/Yukon/Escalade will only be built in Arlington. So the manufactures are reducing capacity which allows them to continue to make a business case for these vehicles.

    The new Expe is built at the Michigan Truck Plant in Wayne, Michigan. Ford uses only this plant and it is certainly easier to dial back production and costs at a single plant. Also, unlike GM, Ford didn’t spend a fortune on this update, whereas GM had to pay for an entirely new design. The costs of the new transmission development were split between Ford and GM (GM uses it in the GMT/900 SUVs)

    Finally, the redesign of this vehicle went forward well before gas prices crossed north of two bucks so Ford (and similarly GM) really didn’t have much choice but to move forward with production. There is still a market for these trucks, so as long as these companies reduce capacity to match that demand, they’ll be ok.

  10. Well said Sgt Beavis.
    They’ll do OK as long as they don’t expect to sell as many as they used to…

  11. You’d be amazed by the number of full-sized SUV hulks in San Francisco. They’re everywhere–even in a place as crowded as San Francisco where gasoline is more costly than almost anywhere else.
    Of course, San Francisco is also replete with Toyota Priuses and other economy cars.
    Best bet here (at least for me) is to walk and take MUNI and drive when leaving the City.

  12. iQuack. I’m sure there are alot of them, but have you ever been to Texas? Holy Moley they completely own the roads here. Tahoes and Expeditions as far as the eye can see. I swear that 60 to 70 percent of the vehicles here are SUVs and a very large number of them are large SUVs. It makes my Murano seem like a Mini Cooper.

    BTW, an analysis of GM’s losses for the last year showed me something. GM lost about 1200 bucks per car. Considering how big the rebates were last year, just think of how much they would have MADE if they could have just cut their rebates in HALF. Their large SUVs were going for as much as 10 grand under sticker. If the GMT900s can go for a year without rebates, then GM will have a chance to break even in the US for 2006. If they break even in the US, then GM will make a huge profit because their overseas sales have come off one of the biggest sales years ever. Follow that with the introduction of a very large amount of new and exciting models for 2007 and GM might just pull this out.

  13. The old Expedition had an exterior that was as good as anything on the road. I’m glad to see they only “freshened” it. The old interior was (almost) as ugly as the Sequoia (the benchmark for extreme ugliness). By putting a “freshened” F150/Mark LT dash inside they beautifully corrected the ONLY thing I disliked about the 2005. WAY TO GO FORD!!!

  14. It doesn’t look that bad. But I’d take the Suburban over this anyday.If u think my comment doesn’t ake sense, it’s cuz Im 11. I swear.

  15. When I was 11, I could never have sent such an intelligent email.
    I guess that’s because when I was 11 it was 1949 and there was no email. Good excuse, yes?

  16. Wow, Ford is really upgraded its cars here but the exterior is too much Ford Edge in the front and that rear window is so long!!! The interior is nicely appointed with aluminum trim and woodgrain. But the 2007 Suburban/Tahoe looks better than this plain-Jane truck. If you don’t understand it’s cuz i’m a car enthusiat that’s 11 years old! i am not lying.

  17. they will sell matter how hard they try you can not make real people squeeze into tiny cars.I would not want to be in an accident in any of those tiny things. even the ford 500 has the best safety rating in its class and i didn’t hear anything about that!

  18. I saw on tv that these car companies are not releasing info on the price of replacing a fuel cell and one analyis said it might be close to the price of buying another hybrid /electric car and people are rushing into them without all the info on them.I would hate to see all these people stuck when stuff really goes wrong, and they will!Do they have a long term warranty?

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