More on the CX-7 at the Los Angeles Auto Show

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Thank God for the new Mazda.
Otherwise the L.A Auto show would have been a total waste…

Nothing else new. Except a couple of limited edition crap, the (finally after 2 years late) VW GTI.
And the EOS. Nothing really new…

The CX-7 looks great in person. The interior is really nice too. And it is roomy and well finished. Although it doesn’t feel really luxurious.
Nobody new about the pricing yet. But people “on the floor” were thinking about a starting price between $23 000 and $25 000.

On a separate note, I was curious about a couple of cars that I hadn’t seen in person yet.
The one that impressed me the most is the new Hyundai Azera. Amazing interior quality. Compared to it the Sonata feels really cheap.
So does the new RAV4. I thought it was nothing great.

I’ll post movies ASAP….

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  1. I don’t know why but the wheels and tires look cheap on that pre-production version…

    The interior looks awesome. And there seems to be a nice cargo space.

    I wonder what the base engine will be. Could it really be a 2.3l non turbo 4 cylinder? I know the turbo version will not be on the base model…

    Great car…

  2. great info vince!!
    So they people “on the floor” were saying 23k? that’s great, that’s exactly right in with the rav4 and crv pricing.. plus it has a turbo 4? Oh good engine days are coming back! this is going to be great!

    I heard the standard size wheels are 18″? wow.. i wonder how this thing handles?!
    Can’t wait for the video’s Vince!!

  3. Yes, the 18 inch wheels are standard. So far only one engine, the 2.3 Turbo.
    “on the floor” might actually not mean much… These guys will say anything to get people exited about their cars. So it might turn out to be more like $25 000, who knows…

  4. I’m going to say that the price is equal to that of the Nissan Murano, so, $25K-$35K

    The Mazda looks amazing, the name sucks however.

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