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This Stehrenberger illustration shows quite a different design than the concept Honda showed us a couple of years ago.
And is it actually a bit more original.

It also shows a V10 logo, which we already know.
He is usually right about his predictions. So that might be close to the real thing.

Is there still a market for this car? A $80 000 2 seater from Honda???

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  1. to be honest, the nsx, and the latest tl, are the only honda products that ive ever liked besides the legend coupe, i think there is a market,if nissan can make its gtr, lexus can have its exotic,i dont see why the brand that did it first in america cant. if dodge can sell the viper at 90, and ford can sell the gt at over 100,this thing will sell if the car is good enough

  2. There is no way a V10 will fit in this car… Maybe a small V6… So this is not the NSX…or it’s way out of proportions.

    I don’t think honda is planning on getting richer with this car. I think it’s mostly a showcase car, like the GT and the Viper.

  3. This thing takes too many styling cues from the new Civic coupe. I don’t think that Acura/Honda would stlye thier “Halo” car after a Civic.

  4. Honda should just slap an “Acura NSX” nameplate on the Civic, than sit back and watch the posers and badge-whores gobble it up.

  5. Its all BS reported by a magazine just trying to get attention for itself. They figure by the time the real thing comes out no one will remember the crap they reported before. This way at least they’ve got a few more readers.

  6. Mark Stehrenberger has been doing these illustratons for at least 30 years.
    He is right most of the time.
    It is not “all BS reported by a magazine just trying to get attention for itself”.

  7. I’m digging it. However, it is very, uh, small in the rear? To fit a V10, unless its a really, really small V10, like, say, the 3.0L unit found in last years F1 cars, possibly? Probably not. But you know its going to rev like a monster, and have about 2/3 as much torque as horses.

  8. ummm…..overgrown civic? yes….at least the last concept we saw we knew off the bat it was something a new nsx should look like, defintely not original… sorry

  9. i’ve seen the next NSX, and this isn’t it. That’s not to say I’ve not seen a coupe that resembles this though. It is supposed to be the next prelude though. Indeed, the prelude is comming back.

  10. I’m hoping you are correct, that this is NOT the replacement for the NSX. As for the return of the Prelude, where do you get your information???

  11. This guy might make great illustrations, but ive seen lots of NSX illustrations by many reputable magazines over the past ten years, but to this point not one has been correct. Thats something to think about isnt it

  12. I heard that the next NSX was supposed to be front engined and marketed to compete with the Aston Martins and Benz super-coupes as a luxo GT, and not the Lambos and Ferraris for top-notch performance.

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