New Acura??? Part2

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Just a few detailed pictures of the Euro Civic.
Looks to me well worth the $20 000 they are charging now for the RSX. And it is very different from the US model. Inside and out.
The 2 tone interior, new dash , new leather seats, glass roof, duall zone air with controls on the door etc…
And it wouldn’t have the same engine either.
I would say almost as different as a Camry is from the ES 330.

Seems like a lot of people get pretty excited about this being sold as an Acura in the US.
This is just, so far, a rumor. Nothing official.

It also seems that people either love this car, or hate it. I think it’s a good thing.
So few cars create such strong emotions…

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  1. Lose the Sable like full front headlight deal, and its ok.

    Just give it versions of the current RSX K20 tweaked slightly for a little more hp than current. Say 165-170 and 210-215.

    Would 2.2 iCTD be too much to hope for? I think it would be. 🙁

  2. This car forced Toyota to redesign the exterior of the new Corolla. How many cars can do that to Toyota?

  3. This isn’t one of the most attractive exteriors or interiors that have come from Honda. I’m definitely NOT feeling that exterior or interior at all.

    Why some automakers think they have to make something so radically different to be different? and that it will sell a lot? This thing looks obnoxious, bloated, over done, and way too Taurus/Sable like. And to top it off because it wears the “Acura”name plate it most definitely will be an over-priced toad which is going to be bought by the faithful but it won’t be sold in enough numbers to be a hit.

    Let Honda and Toyota fight it out while their Asian neighbours in Korea steal ever closer.

  4. you were saying it has a polarizing styling, in short,without all the extra, you have said other cars have had the same, but was a negative, and looking at these details besides an odder desighn what about this cars interior is upscale. certainly upscale enough for an acura, as any old honda interior will work forthem, but not a “real” luxury car

  5. The new photos don’t make this poor excuse for a “luxury car” any better. I wonder if Lexus will counter with a version of the Yaris? What about an Infiniti Cube?

  6. The new photos don’t make this poor excuse for a “luxury car” any better. I wonder if Lexus will counter with a version of the Yaris? What about an Infiniti Cube?

  7. The Yaris ins’t in the same class/size as the Euro Civic.
    This is more like the A3.
    And Acura has always been cheaper than Lexus.
    When was the last time you saw a new $20 000 Lexus?
    They’re just trying to replace their $20 000 car with another $20 000 car.
    I still think this could fit the bill.

  8. This is a smart looking, well designed hatchback…something most people in the US don’t get. It’s got style, versatility and an upscale look. “If you bring it, we will buy it!”

  9. I’m dizzy looking at the dash. It looks like they got 7 really keen young designers and each on worked on a panel. The problem is, they didn’t show each other their drawings before this sucker went into production. Just a theory!

  10. This interior will be shown to design students for many years to come. It clearly demonstrates hoe NOT to do an interior. What a freakin’ disaster

  11. The interior is BAAAAD, but ricey, and that ultimately will be who this car will be marketed towards.

    I am totally loving the exterior. Its sharper than the last Si hatch, and the old RSX. That grill/light thing is pretty flashy/sharp looking.

  12. The interior isn’t terrible, it is just different. I personally don’t like it but it does seem to be well appointed and use good materials.

    That said, Honda should think twice. Acura is already down market enough with the RSX and IMO, they should’t go any further with a rebadge. Instead, they should concentrate on updating the RSX.

  13. I think it will get a lot of credit for having features that the Scion tC pioneered in (for small cars and at that price)…that the Scion doesn’t get.

    Also, I do think it is cool, and I FUCKING HATE HONDAS….Especially considering that it has 5 doors.

    They do need to drop the whole rear bar taillight thing, and maybe remove the bar in the front. I like it, but I doubt any Americans would.

  14. Great idea! The Euro Civic hatchback is an excellent and practical design that should be available in the U.S.

    I bought my first Honda 29 months ago (an ’04 Accord EX-L sedan) and it’s the best car I’ve ever had in over 50 years of driving.

    Making the Civic hatchback an upscale Acura with luxury features makes good sense as does everything that Honda seems to do.

    I remember the days when GM was king of the automobile kingdom. Disgusting how they blew it, but good that Honda has brought quality to replace the crap the domestics try to throw at us.

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