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There is a rumor floating around, that the European version of the Civic could be sold here as an Acura. As early as next year.

That actually makes some sense if you think about it. The Euro Civic is much more upscale than the US model. And it does look quite different. Unlike the Canadian US Civic clone…

And they are already selling the Euro Accord as the TSX. So why not?

The current RSX is still a very nice looking car. But they’ve let it pretty much let it die. Even though it still looks great.

This Euro Civic for the price of the RSX would be great.

The only thing is.. The Euro Civic has a weird rear design where the hatch “becomes” the bumper at the bottom. Something that would never pass US bumper regulations.
So either this rumor is BS, or Honda is willing to spend the cash to pretty much create a new segment in the US.

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  1. New segment? You mean the Premium C-Class Segment? Oh, the one with the Audi A3s, Volvo C30s, VW GTIs, and their current and past RSXs and Integras? What am missing?

    As for the Euro Civic, why not? Its a solid looking car, solid build too, assuming. The dash is a little insane, but, for the segment, its a nice idea. Bring it, I say.

  2. honda could selling first an accord with a 4cylinder, same interior, less space, and priced higher than a fully loaded, accord v6, thats a joke. now this lol, acuras are no where near being luxury cars, they are for people who names are more important, those people that want a honda, but thing the name is to downmarket. but if anyone else does it its wrong,what a joke

  3. The Euroo Civic has a much more upscale interior than our Civic. And is should be more expensive.

    Have you ever been in a Mercedes A class? I have.
    That, is really a joke. The cheap hard plastic are not worthy of any luxury brand. Talking about paying for a name…
    I hear the new one is a bit better.
    But the 1st one was a complete joke.

    Any Acura would be much better than that.

    And the TSX does not have the US Accord interior.

  4. Heed the words of the above, as his speech is so eloquent.

    Acura shouldn’t do this. Unless they can change the sheetmetal severely, they shouldn’t bring this monstrosity here. The TSX is fine, since it has more features than the Accord, but the new Civic’s styling atrocities are just too much to handle for Acura’s typically conservative crowd.

  5. Ahh Vince, you make my post look idiotic now! When I say “heed the words of the above” I mean the first anonymous post. 😀

  6. acura makes the civic the small acura in canada. almost identical to the current weird civic. it would not sell in u.s.

  7. “Pricing from 17.700 euros (1.4 DSI) up to 28.300 euros (2.2 i-CTDI with leather and GPS).”

    Holy smokes, $30,000 for a Civic. LOL

    I think Vince might be right. The interior of the current RSX is well put together, but spartan at best. The Euro spec civic’s interior is more in line with the interior styling direction of recent acura, like the RL and upcoming RDX.

    I’m still annoyed at them for dropping the Integra. That was a great name.

  8. i doubt if this will be a Acura. Acura is going through some changes now and will start to make a all new debut in 2008 model year. A new coupe (rear drive), a new TSX, TL and a V8 RL are all on the way, plus V10 NSX.

    The Civic hatch doesn’t fit in this line up. The only reason why the Civic hatch isn’t here already cause not enough customers bought the Civic Si hatch. 20K is high though.

    Also this guy (Vince) hasn’t heard of the premium hatch segment shows me he doesn’t know too much about the industry.

  9. There seems to be a sad trend among luxury car makers to drivie their product lines further and further downmarket, and why? So every Tom, Dick and Harry can own one? Don’t they realize that this strategy only dilutes their exclusivity? Acura seems to be leading the charge, and now they plan on defiling the automotive landscape with this abomination – a Civic with an Acura badged tacked on the justify it’s $10,000 (or whatever) price premium. Who’d buy it, besides a damn fool? When Cadillac sold a rebadged Cavalier, it became the joke of the industry. Acura’s latest attempt to sully what little “luxury car” image they have left should be treated with just as much disdain, but of course, being Honda, they’ll get a pass. Acura needs a proper RWD platform (like it’s Japanese counterparts), not little chickUVs or 4 cyl Civic knockoffs. Let Honda do that. If all Acura plans on selling is rebadged Hondas, than perhaps they should find a new line of work.

  10. If anyone was paying attention to the RDX acura just released, they used the euro civic steering wheel and a few dash components in that. The euro civic would make a excellent replacement for for the RSX since 4 door coupes and hatch backs seem to be all the rage these days. They’ll probably fit it with the 200hp Civic SI engine or (gasp) maybe the 2.4 turbo from the RDX. My only dislike about the Euro civic is the fact that they abandoned IRS for a twist beam suspension similar to the old golf. The wheel base is also smaller than the US civic coupe. Still, i would buy one.
    Never ever pay attention to European car prices. They are always much more expensive than US prices. Example: In the UK a VW Golf R32 cost the equivalent for $50k. Would you pay $50k for a golf?
    Thanks for posting this information Vince.


  11. Premium hatch segment?
    Yes, I’ve heard of that…
    But I son’t think it really exist in the US. (yet)

    The only car in that segment on sale here has been the A3. The C30 is at least a year off, and the GTI just came out. And it’s not premium, it’s sporty.

    The A3 has failed to create a segment in the US.
    Poor sales and overpriced. With a boring design.
    People who want to spend over $20 000 in a hatch in the US (and I think they are quite a few) want something different. More modern. (that’s why the “cheaper” Mazda3 Hatch is so popular)
    That’s why I think an Acura badged loaded Euro Civic in the low 20s could work. Where the conservative looking A3 has failed.

    And don’t compare prices here and Europe.
    The Golf also tops at 29600 Euros over there.
    A loaded RAV4 tops 34000 Euros! Over $36000!
    The Chrysler 300C is 53 000 Euros!

    Also, I don’t think they would charge $10 000 more over the Civic.

    Another thing… Most people do not care about FWD or RWD.
    That is a question only car magazine guys and under age kids ponder, over and over….
    The vast majority of people who actually drive, do not care.

  12. I guess those same people won’t care about being charged more money for a tarted-up Honda Civic, not when they can proudly point to the “Acura” badge on their overpriced little economy car.

  13. What’s next, an Acura version of the Honda Fit? Or perhaps Acura versions of Honda scooters, generators and lawn mowers.

  14. Kind of the like the people that don’t care about being charged $20k more for a glorified BMW318i or a tarted up Mercedes C180 poverty spec taxi.

  15. Why does every “luxury” car need to be big??? I like small cars, especially hatchbacks. I don’t want to have to settle for bare-bones economy…I’d be willing to pay for a premium hatch. This Honda is HOTTTT!!! Bring it and I will buy it!

  16. I thought the interior of the US-spec Civic was odd, but the Euro-spec interior is a freakin’ disaster. The design, aside from being way too busy, is all over the place with all those lights and dials. It’s got more nooks and crannies than an English muffin. Keep that thing in Europe, please.

  17. I’m not even sure if there’s such a thing as a “bare-bones economy” car anymore. Sure you can get a base model (which are usually pretty well-equipped to begin with), but if one is so inclined they can easily option out what we’d call “economy cars” with everything from leather, top notch sound and nav systems, power everything, sunroof, bigger wheels and tires, etc. So it’s possible to get a very well equipped Honda Civic without having to pay a premium just to can have an Acura version. Unless one truly must have an Acura Civic. Than perhaps they’d like to also consider a BMW 1-Series with leatherette seats.

  18. An Acura-badged Civic is a perfect example of badge-engineering run amok. Surely the “geniuses” over at Honda can design and build a proper vehicle of this type for Acura. Oh wait, they already have – the RSX. So what’s the point of an Acura Civic? Isn’t the RSX good enough?

  19. Whats the point of selling a rebadged Dodge Charger as a Mercedes E-class? Isn’t dodge good enough?

  20. First off, the Dodge Charger isn’t simply a rebadged E-Class, they just share some mechanicals. Plus the Dodge sells for less. If this new Acura Civic is like the current one sold in Canada, all Honda plans on doing is slapping an Acura badge and some shiny bits on the Civic, maybe bump up the hp a bit. And it’ll cost more. At least make it look different.

  21. I think the design of the car is pure genius. If the bring it to the US and it has the right stuff and price I don’t care if they call it an Acura or Honda…I love it!

  22. Cars like the Honda Civic in Europe compete and behave in a higher-class than small cars in the USA. I don’t think that bringing a car that has unique styling compared to the USA Civic, features a different driving experience, and will be much more-inspired than the Plain-Jane RSX is such a bad thing.

    I am already getting annoyed with the problems in my Mazda3 and this little car would make a great switch.

  23. i think people consider whether or not a car is RWD or FWD in the U.S., especially if you live in the rockies like me. i currently own a 2003 rsx type-s not only because it has an awesome engine, but because it is FWD and does good in the snow.

  24. I think that we may be seeing the successor to the Acura RSX in the Honda Civic Type-R hatchback based on the new 8th generation Civic.

    It certainly makes sense: the use of the more upscale interior of the European Civic, the 3-door hatchback design from the current 5-door European hatchback, a 235-240 bhp 2.4-liter K24 derivative engine, and suspension pieces derived from the US-market Civic Si coupé. It’ll probably sell for US$26,000 with very little options.

  25. an a class is a cheap car,that happens to be a mercedes, not a cheap car from a lower brand they made into a mercedes, though i think the a class has always been ugly, the old one fit the quality of its times, and the new one, has a came very long way, and it is actually pretty nice. but rebadging isnt the way to make a luxury car, a smart way to build downmarket cars (take a hint gm and ford bring your european cars over here) when other brands do the exact same thing, or actually style a car different they are bashed but all hondas except 2 are based on cheap cars, and gm gets bashed for it all the time. and to the stupid comment about paying more for a 318 or mercedes diesel,what is different from those cars and our cars? engine, amenties, wheels, and other things that make the price alot less. ever notice the price difference between a 300 v6, and a 300c, an accord dx and ex v6, what about lets go acura rsx and rsx type s, and the list goes on, but the difference between those cars in europe are not the quality but features, amenties,and engines,and wheels, in america where people would buy a cheap honda with a luxury badge on it, people wouldnt buy the lesser cars,so they dont sell them. this constant honda rebadging, is idiotic, and for someone who has a car website,you should know that yes,the accord, and mini accord(tsx) do have the same interior,in fact when they first came out they had the same wheels also,wow thats luxury, charge me 30,000 for a 20,000 car but make it cramped,and sighn me up

  26. Forgive me if I make some spellingg misstakes. I just finished staring at that dash and I can’tt see straigh!!!

  27. Circles, squares, rectangles, polygons, diamonds. NO flow of design. A true crying shame. Is Honda turning into Hyundai. This is an embarassing car!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Vince, you misheard your source. The European Civic HYBRID will be the EL replacement, and will be called CSX. I know this to be true (though it will probably not be hybrid). If the Civic Hatch hits the US market it will likely be marketed as a new Honda CRX

  29. a dash should flow naturally and it should all make sense, it shouldn’t require your attention while on the highway. It should be natural as say….the natural selection of intelligent people verses obvious Honda employees writing in to defend this garbage.

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