New BMW X5

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A new X5 is also around the corner. This latest illustration might, or might not, give us an idea of what it’ll look like.
Seems like they aren’t going crazy in the redesign.

The current one still looks nice. And is a really nice car to drive. ( at a starting price of $43 000 before options, it better be…)

Now if only they could work on the X3.

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  1. I have real trouble believing that the illustration is accurate. There is nothing about that front design (size of grille, light pattern, grille/light relationship, etc) that is remotely close to current BMW styling, and what’s pictured is just too close to other contemporary styles. Love or hate what BMW does of late, they don’t design anything remotely like what’s already on the market…

  2. Thats just a photoshopped picture of the current X5. I’m hoping for getting a good look at the new X5, as long as it doesn’t look like the terrible X3.


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