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Another new car for Hyundai this year: the Elantra will kind of look like a small Azera. Instead of a small Sonata.
This is the 1st good picture I’ve seen of the interior.
It seems pretty nice, but is it good enough to compete with the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic. And let’s not forget the all new Nissan Santra…
With the new Corolla coming out soon, seems like this segment will be almost all new by the end of the year.

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  1. Frankly from this shot that interior looks way too plain Vanilla. I’ll reserve judgment until I see some better cleaner shots of the interior. Looks like pre-production though. For their sake production better look better than this.

    Right now I’m not feeling it.


  2. this interior isnt impressive it looks like the interior the accent, and as well as hyundai is doing to be honest it seems at everything, i expected something phenomenal……

  3. Congrats Vince, you know what they say the best form of flattery is….

    As far as the interior of the Elantra, well, I gotta say it looks as spartan as my dad’s ’91 Escort-but it looks like it’s got everything a small car needs. The little bit of metallic finish looks like it helps too. I’m wondering if that’s a cupholde in the passenger door-if so, why is it slanted so much?!

  4. Not a bad interior, but then again not class leading either.

    The doors are reminiscent of the Yaris, and the centre stack is reminiscent of a Corolla.

  5. First: this interior is NOT US spec’d. Second it’s not likeley that the new Elantra will get this plain looking.

    Better shots are coming and should be out next month. keep an eye out vince. you will be pleasantly surprixed.


  6. I looked at this picture and *yawn* fell asleep. BOR-ING when compared to the new Civic or the older Mazda 3. It doesn’t look any better than the old Corolla.

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