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Everyone knows Hyundai is getting a “larger than Santa Fe” SUV ready soon. It has been testing for a while now, and spy pictures of camouflage prototypes are all over.

But these illustrations give us an idea of what it could actually look like.
It might also be using the name Terracan.
The Terracan name has been used for years by Hyundai. The current model looks like a Toyota land Cruiser, and is sold in Korea and Europe.

But the next model will be car based, using the 3.8 Liter V6 from the Azera.

If the new Santa Fe is the SUV version of the Sonata, think of this one as the Azera SUV…

I think these look great. If it really look like that, it would be a deadly blow to the Explorer, Trailblazers etc…

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  1. I don’t think the original photoshopper of these pictures from CarSpyShots would be very happy that you didn’t mention his name or post a link to the original. Basically, you’re a thief.

  2. “It looks a bit small to be taking over Exploder & Trailbalzer sales…”

    Looks can be deceiving. Word is that this Hyundai SUV is going rock the full size SUV market with class leading interior as well amenities, such as Rear park assist, Active Geometry Suspension Control System, rain sensing wipers, auto power rear sunshade, heated and cooled seats, separate & dual a/c, separate rear DVD entertainment system, memory seats, auto lock/unlock, limited will have passive unlock…this is going to scare the living HELL not just out of Ford & Chevy, but watch beads of sweat fall off Toyota as well. Goodbye Sequoia!

  3. oh im sure all the immature pimply faced kids at are all crying and having temper tatrums right now about this vince, that site is soooo juvenile ! are there any adults that post there ?

  4. i think this thing is really nice if it really looks like this. hyundai has never really been a good or interesting brand, but hyundai has really payed attention to the market and seems to be making excellent vehicles, all of their current cars though still not exciting all look very nice especially the azera, and sonata, and this suv, good job hyundai

  5. Thats pretty nice, much better than their usual designs. It almost seems from the belt line and rear that its an alfa romeo suv.

  6. >I am Canadian said…
    >Looks like a Saab 9-7x

    You’re right. The front clip definately has the look of the 9-7x, but it looks much better IMO.

    Hyundai is a real competitor. Their car styling still needs improvement but their SUVs are getting better looking all the time.

  7. I’ll have to agree with what “Anonymous” said about… I post there but I’m an adult. I think there should be a rule that you need to be old enough to have a driver’s license AND have actually purchased a new car to able to post comments…

  8. “I’ll have to agree with what “Anonymous” said about… I post there but I’m an adult.

    Ok let’s not worry about another site like CS. We all know when we see a design that’s a hit. This is it. I’m curious about the interior. Hope it will be as classy looking as well.


  9. I don’t think this looks like a real honest-to-goodness body-on-frame SUV, to me, it looks more like a “crossover” SUV.

    However, it’ll be absolutely packed with goodness when it comes around.

  10. Does anyone else think that this truck has more than a “passing resemblance” of the Infiniti FX 35/45?

    Maybe its just me……

  11. “Does anyone else think that this truck has more than a “passing resemblance” of the Infiniti FX 35/45? “

    passing resemblance? so do a whole lot of other vehicles. What’s does it matter if it looks this good it inside and out, priced right, it will sell and sell big.”


  12. If it really looks like that and it comes with all wheel drive y a manual transmission, I will get me one as soon as it comes out.

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