Peugeot 207

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First official photos of the all new small 207.
Now that’s a good looking small car.

I guess we’ll have to do with our Yaris and small Hyundias and Kias….

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  1. WOW! When are we going to get cool cars like that here in the US???? I can’t wait for Pugeot and Seat!

  2. These cars are to expensive for an american subcompact buyer. Nobody would buy a subcompact for $15,000 in America, that the price for a 1.4l P207.

  3. doing a straight up conversion of prices from Europe to dollars is incredibly misleading, such as a $30K VW Golf.

    Thats a good looking car, eveh tye 4 door looks like a coupe.

  4. In Brazil we’ll have to live with the old Peugeot 206 for at least 2 more years. Though an 8-year old design — and built here since 1999–, it’s still modern and great-looking. We have the 2 and 4-door hatchbacks, plus the not-so-good-looking 206SW wagon. But rumors tell that we may also get a 3-box 4-door sedan and even pickup variations


  5. You envy us, but we also envy you. You have to live with Accents, Rios, Aveos, we have innumeral great subcompacts. But on the other hand, you bastards have V8’s on every corner, whereas we have to live with tiny 4-cylinders.

    Martin of Europe

  6. Braces or not, this is a good-looking, competent automobile worthy of consideration.

    Most of us don’t need to extend our penises via our automobile, traverse mountain passes, clear Texas brush, or beholden ourselves to the gas pump.

    A Peugeot 207 will do just fine.

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