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Skoda showed this crazy looking little wagon as a concept a couple of years ago, but the production model is now ready.

Maybe Skoda is just what VW needs in the US.
They could even sell this as a VW over here.
Who desparately needs something cool and fun.
And.. Gas prices are going up again.

The market for these little things isn’t going to shrink.

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  1. I dig it. Reminds me of the Renault Kangoo. I don’t know why VW hasn’t expanded the Skoda and Seat brands to the US. They would be perfect to battle the Korean brands and low end Japanese product. Seat is being sold in Mexico. Why not here? Never under estimate VWs ability for ignorance of the US market.

  2. VW sacked their long time ad agency Arnold Communications recently; the agency that helped VW look so cool until the late 90s and early 2000s…until VW’s poopy quality finally caught up to them and no amount of hip ad campaigns could counter the barages of angry lemon VW owners flooding the internet.

    The problem is, VW is using the same strategy Audi used to turn itself around in the 90s. Sell cheap and rebuild your image, and gradually increase price. Well, that strategy would’ve worked if the (perceived) quality increased like Audi. Instead, it went down the pooper. They must be wonderin, “but why? the new passat has more chrome!”

    If you build your cars in Mexico, price them like they’re built in Mexico. Not Germany.

    Oh.. yes, the Skoda looks very nice. I doubt this particular Skoda will sell in the U.S. though.

  3. that is quite possibly the worst tall wagon/space van/crossover ever. I’m very dissapointed with it. The best one I’ve seen in a while? The JDM Honda Stepwagon. It looks good without looking like a commercial van

  4. This is really nice. I particularly like the difference in the size and shape of the windows between the front and rear of the car.

    Concerning VW, I’ve stopped trying to understand their strategies for ages. I think they are trying hard to loose market share.

    Hang in there VW. You will soon succeed.

  5. Whats the problem Anonymous? I gave a criticism about how it looked like a commercial van (for example, a Dodge Sprinter) and said it was awkwardly styled, then gave a reasonable replacement, the Stepwagon. You look like the moron with the unsupported opinions.

  6. Phafanapolis, I’m not “anonomous”, but…
    The Honda Stepwagon is massive. The Skoda is tiny and cute. So to compare some bloated japanese thing to this is crazy! Also as far as i’m concerned it looks nothing like a commercial van! Don’t u mean the Mecedes Sprinter… as its about as much dodge as i am redneck…

  7. my problem with this car/truck/suv/crossover is the roof line, the fact that the rear windows are larger and fall below the waistline of the front windows, and that those headlights are boring, and to me, Toyota Yaris-like.

    I wasn’t really comparing the size so much, since I don’t know any specs really on either, but the style of the Stepwagon is nice. Plus, its got a wood floor(!) how cool is that?

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