VW CrossPolo

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I still think this is the car VW needs in the US.
Not the new Jetta, which is already behind the competition (My test drive is coming soon).
Or the overpriced Passat.
They need a small, inexpensive “cool” car.
Something that stands out from the Japanese and Korean offerings in the US . (Unlike the Jetta)
That’s what a VW should be.

Bring this over right now.

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  1. I totally agree. This would be an outstanding offering in the US. The Jetta is a good car, with an excellent interior, but the styling is so damn bland.

  2. That is one of the cutest little cars I’ve ever seen! Why oh why does the US never get any of the cool cars???? BRING IT! BRING IT!

  3. VW of America is run by lemmings. They have fallen so far behind its sad. The Golf has been out now for 3 year in europe. Still waiting…

  4. Vince I agree …speaking of test drives I drove an SI last night… holy moly …what an engine it’s like hyper space in a star treak movie

  5. Vince, this car is a total copy of the Rover Streetwise… except you can’t buy one anymore as MG Rover went bankrupt last year… shame really

  6. Vince, once again you think you’re the brightest on the earth, but as many times before you’re telling pure crap. Jetta defeated everything in C&D’s comparo…

  7. C & D are a bunch of “if it’s not BMW it’s crap” idiots.
    The Jetta, with the 2.0 Liter turbo, was the closest thing to a BMW in that article.
    I will post my tesd of the Jetta soon. I drove one for a few days.
    The 2.5 sucks. And the interior is depressing. It should come with a Prozac holder standard.
    More later…

  8. The GLI is the “sport” version of the Jetta. Honda did put a V6 w/ 6sp in the Accord sedan but it is not a true “sport” model and therefore really shouldn’t have been included in the comparo. If this were an “Si” (in Honda lingo) with a beefed suspension/brakes etc. it would have ate the GLI for a light snack.

  9. ” C & D are a bunch of “if it’s not BMW it’s crap” idiots.” Vince Burlap.

    Vince what you’ve said about that pub is quite accurate and true. Now unto the VWCrossPolo, what a cool looking, well proportioned honest-to-goodness gotta-have it design. Why VW hasn’t brought this over to the U.S. market speaks volumne about their incompetence and stupidity.

    VW used to be a great car company run by people who truly loved cars. Regrettably it has been overtaken by the bean counters and accountants.

    too bad!


  10. I don’t understand why it exists.

    I don’t know why these exist. I’ll stick to cars that call themselves cars and wagons, and hatchbacks, straight up. None of this cross-over bologna.

  11. I guess this is the last car VW would bring to US. Even in europe VW sell a few ones. It’s boring and expensive.

    In Spain the price is from 11,500 Euros (55hp gas) up to 20,640 Euros (130hp diesel). Think of it, who would pay that for a Polo?

  12. I like the Roomster better, more unique style. I drive a Vibe, and in that market, you need more style than just another lookalike VW. Tall cars have a great future, loads of interior room and good economy. Few consumers even know that VW is still in the market. They need something totally different.

  13. ALL cars are more expensive in europe. You can’t compare europe prices with US. Compare any car you want in europe and the US. Its at least 20% more expensive in europe.

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