VW Passat 4 door”Coupe”

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Again, just illustrations.

But if I remember right, “Coupe” means:
“Closed 2 door automobile.”

So this and the Mercedes CLS are not coupes. They are just slick sedans.
And this WV will cause the same problem. It is better looking than the sedan it came from. It’ll make the Passat look really boring, and frankly, already old.
It’s just what the CLS does to the E class.
Why not make the Passat and the E class great looking in the 1st place???

And the VW will also have a big price problem. It will have to be over $40 000. Again, too much for a VW sedan.

How many times can they repeat the same mistake?

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  1. Amen to that!

    One of the reasons I dislike todays four doors is that big, thick, ugly “B” pillar which blocks my view. Being tall, (6′ 3″) I have to have the seat as far back as it will go…………..when trying to see traffic from the right side when sitting at an interection, it’s really annoying to have to look around that pillar!

    At least in a 2 dr, the pillar is back far enough (longer doors) that this isn’t a problem.

  2. Wouldn’t this style of car be better for Audi? I believe this image is just a stab in the dark by a German motoring magazine because they’re bored and got notyhing better to do…

  3. So, it’s just a better looking car to give owners trouble. Best to ignore VW and buy almost anything else.

  4. Never underestimate the stupidity of VW management. These are the same people that built the Veyron at a cost of $5 million a piece only to sell it to the public for $1.2 million. Unless they make some drastic changes at the top very soon, VW is going to way of GM.

  5. My theory with these “two door coupes” is that the companies are trying to push the public to view sedans more aggressively while not leaving them behind.

    For now, cars like the CLS may be special editions of the E-Class but, one or two generations down the line after the public is used to the look, this will *become* the new E-Class, no special editions necessary. By then, no one will say, “Shocking the chance Mercedes is taking on such a radical move.” By then, CLS style is what the public will expect of a new E-Class…

    I think it’s pretty darn smart actually. Mercedes goal isn’t just to make its own current E-Class look old, it’s goal is to make all of its competitors look old during the next go-around.

  6. no, the problem with Phaeton was the fact that it was a $60K-$130K sedan, from a car company whose next most expensive car was in the $30K price range. A car like this, or an even more bespoke and special W8 Passat would have helped VW if they were released first in the $40K-$50K range.

    I’m not offended by it but then, I’m not floored by it. I go back and forth on the CLS, but most of the time I say its a melting Salvador-Dali car

  7. SAE standard J1100 defines a coupé as a fixed-roof automobile with less than 33 ft³ (0.93 m³, 934.6 L) of rear interior volume. A car with a greater interior volume is technically a 2-door sedan, not a coupé, even if it has only two doors.

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