2006.5 Kia Optima

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On these pictures, the new Kia looks like a great car.
The interior seems much better than the Sonata. Although a lot depends on the quality of the “plastic aluminum” trim.

The V6 is a bit smaller, it is still a 2.7 Liter.
But it should be plenty for most buyers.

And at around $23 000 for a loaded EX V6 model with leather and sunroof, it seems to be an amazing deal.

Right now, you can get at least $3000 off a new Sonata.
So if you can wait a few months, the new loaded Optima might go for around $19 000.

Quite an amazing deal compared to the Japanese competition.

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  1. I agree that at least in photographs,this car looks pretty good. It’s conservative, but given the faces of other Optimas over the years, conservative is probably good. It kind of strikes me as a low rent Buick Lucerne, which is not a bad thing.

    The Koreans are clearly advancing very quickly.

  2. I think that the Sonata is a good looking sedan with clean lines. This Kia looks similar, but a little more sporty. I hope that the competition that the Koreans are bringing to market will force all manufacturers to bring us high quality for a reasonable price.

  3. Overall, the car looks pretty good. I like the interior better than Hyundai’s, but the Sonata is a better deal on loaded models, since you get 50 more horsepower for the same money ($23k).

  4. Pretty impressive for a Kia. Hope it’ll be more reliable than the previous one or the old Sedona, since each generation for Kia & Hyundai means a great leap forward.

    Won’t it have a 2.0 – 2.4 4L as well as the Sonata or Camry?. Even if Kia is the cheapest option for Hyundai, I guess a Optima 2.0 / 2.4 could be a good start, ‘cos actually there’s a Sonata 2.4 4L on the market.

  5. it’s a nice, clean design.

    i can see the “low rent” lucerne in there. here’s what i see as well:

    headlights: kind of a more angular version of the infiniti Q. the front end looks like the infinitQ + nissan altima.

    taillights: nice. better than the lucerne. it’s like…mazda6 + lucerne?

    profile: from the b to c pillar and the haunhes, top pic reminds me of the acura cl…

  6. I think it might still be a bit cheaper than the Sonata.
    The Optima EX V6 Auto is $20 400.
    I added a leather package and sunroof to get to around $23 000.

    And the V6 is supposed to be around 190hp. Same as the base engine in the new Santa Fe.

    You are right, a 2.4 Liter is also offered.
    That starts at $16 355.
    The EX Auto 2.4 is at $19 395.
    That means tey only charge about $1000 for the V6.

    Much less than the Japanese cars…

  7. $23000 for a car made in a country that needs our constant military presence to survive?
    i don’t think so!

    why don’t you give them all your cash so they can build more bombs to attack the west coast

    for that hard earned american cash you can get a malibu, a g6, a fusion etc…
    all t hese cars will serve you betterthan this korean crap.
    your $23000 will be worth $10000 next year!
    and that’s a fact

  8. Douchebag Jones…

    You’re right, Kia is a “Korean crap”. Instead of that Kia you should buy a Hyundai Sonata, made in Montgomery, AL. Is there anything more “proudly American” than Alabama? :P.

  9. Please get this fucking asshole Douchebag Jones off this site. He has already been banned from another major car information site. Vince- he is really bringing the credibility of your website down. People are going to stop reading threads if this moron continues to produce uninsightful blogs. Get rid of him please

  10. Douchebag is right, SOUTH Korea is likely to bomb beautiful Modesto California, where he and his fake friends live

    *Tongue comes out of cheek*

    What dbag is too ignorant to understand, is that American cars like the Fusion are built in other countries (Mexico, for one), while Korean and Japanese Cars (Camry, Accord, Sonata) are made here in America. In the last five years, all of our Hondas have come from here at home; Alabama and Ohio.

    Where do your Fusions come from, Mr. Summers-Eve Douche?

  11. to the summer eve asshole:
    read, you might learn something.

    ii said before that i don’t give a shit where cars a re built.
    what matters is, who gets the money.
    if you buy a hyundai made in the us, the money goes to korea.
    and i don’t want my american money to go to these dimwits

    if i buy a fusion, most of the money still goes to ford. and that ‘s the way i like it.
    it’s time for americans to wake up and support their country
    what’s wrong with that?

  12. I have to agree about the Fusion.
    I am always reminded, every time I see one, of how good it looks. Even though the interior is just a bit plain, it is well put together.
    And I really enjoyed driving it, a few weeks ago.

  13. to douchebag jones.

    Im not Korean (im Australian)BUT srsly man u are a HUGE ass (racist dickhead)… Y would anyone support America… I wonder where all their money is goin… sending more men to Iraq… OMG i would rather give my money to Korea… AND i dont have anythin against Americans or America as a country ONLY the Government

    i would NEVER buy a G6 or whatever other American crap that u guys have (that doesnt make it international)… i’d rather getta European or Japanese or Australian car and even a Korean car these dayz.

    Well actually i do love American muscle cars… especially the new stuff (some Chyslers, Dodges, Hummers and then the one comin Camaro, Challenger and Mustang.)

  14. I think we should all buy American…. Which means, buy anything you want!

    P.S. I prefer the Fusion as well.

  15. Technically is no such thing as an “American Car” anymore. Just nameplates. The Fusion/Milan/Zypher/Edge/MKX are all Mazda6’s, the 500/Montego/Freestyle are Volvo S80’s, the G6/Malibu/9-3 are all the same car, and the GTO is actually a Holden from Australia. The list goes on and on. Even the new rear drive GM car platforms are being codeveloped with Holden in Australia. I have a Nissan truck and it is built right here in the US by American workers. So I am contributing to the American economy. By purchasing that vehicle I have kept that American employee working and paying his wage. Many of the “foreign nameplates“ also have research and development facilities her so that is more money for our economy. So by buying any vehicle that is made in the US, you are supporting the US. So if you don’t like the “foreign cars”, more power to you. Everyone has their own likes and opinions. That is what makes us individuals. But take a look and research what is under your “American car” before making stupid comments.

    I love you site Vince. I check it every day. I love seeing all the new vehicles coming out.

  16. Hey Summer’s Eve! I work VERY hard for every single dollar that I make. I will buy what I feel is the most superior product available to me. I don’t care where it is made or who makes it. I’m not going to buy some GM, Ford, or Chrysler product just to “support” the big 3. My dollar will go where the quality and dependability is. Good thing you are disposable Douche!

  17. I love reading and sharing opinions about cars through this blog, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that if I like a particular car that I will go right out and buy it.

    I don’t really know who reads this site, but I’m making a guess that most readers aren’t here to purchase a car, as much as they are here to check out the latest designs from every manufacturer.

    Since I’m an automobile aficionado, I’d be shortsighted to only care about ‘American’ designs when there are tons of other companies and products from around the globe to learn about. For me at least, my interest in cars isn’t necessarily about where they are made as much as it is about their styling and design. I agree that I’d like to support my country’s automotive industry as much as possible, car purchase is a personal decision (and I think outside the scope of this blog).

    By the way, I am one of those Americans whose ‘hard-earned money’ is from a foreign car company. I work as an engineer for Toyota in Michigan. A lot of the content of NA-only Toyotas comes from American engineers both at Toyota and from our suppliers. 07 Tundra, for example, was styled, designed (ex. powertrain) and will be built in NA. The development and production of this vehicle directly supports thousands of American employees, which in turn supports the American economy.

    One last note: our company’s president considers Sonata the most important vehicle launched last year. It is clearly a very strong competitor to all mid-size sedans in NA, from Camry to Malibu to Passat. If we continue to regard Korean or other companies as producers of ‘pieces of crap’ and don’t take any action, our automotive industry will be paying the price down the road in reduced sales.

    This is an exciting time of intense automotive competition, and I personally think the competition will force all manufacturers, foreign and domestic, to continually produce better and better products.

  18. 8:48 AM and 2:46 PM seem to have all their facts straight and actually make sense. No proud or vulgar comments can ever speak louder or more clearly than the truth. I will remember comments like this and ignore the rest.

  19. you idiots don’t get it.
    it doesn’t matter wher it is made.
    good for the american who makes the korean and japanese cars. really, good for them to take these guys money.
    but ultimatly, the big money goes to the car maker.

  20. He’s right, you know. Listen to what he says, or America will die on the altar of foreign denomination.

  21. Summer’s Eve…you’re still an idoit. If you want to spend your “hard earned” money on a poorly made GM, Ford, or Chrysler….go ahead. Just be ready to spend the rest of your money at the repair shops trying to keep the piece of crap running. Good luck dummy. 🙂

  22. you thought douchbag was bad, say hello to Yeast Infection. I’ll start off by stating that this site stinks! You can’t even comment without someone reviewing it first. You are all assholes with no lives. You are so easy to get going and your obviously 90 percent americans because you are ignorant know it alls. Let the fun begin, maybe I can rejuvenate this site, the loser Douchbag is yesterdays news. Test my intelligence, I can surpass anyone on this site! Let’s go ya freaks!

  23. Summer’s eve still won’t fess up to having his “friends” photos that are copyright-infringed on his little blog. Now if that’s what an American is supposed to be, I’ll move to Canada.

    But before he responds that I’m anti-American (as he does with everything not associated with USA), a real, good American wouldn’t go around theiving pictures and who-knows-what to better his fake online identity.

    Hey summer, maybe you should go into politics.

    In Bosnia. You’ll never win a vote here…our politicians aren’t THAT crooked.

  24. Awwh, know the Koreans are building better small cars then Gm and Ford.
    How’s DuchoFago gonna buy his wife a new tooth and a pack of menthols he promised her?:(

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