2007 BMW 3 series Coupe

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As far as I know, this is the 1st picture of the new BMW Coupe without any camouflage.

No big surprises here. The rear lights have a different, and nicer looking design. That’s about it.

For the fans…

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  1. Well, if that’s what it looks like, the G35 coupe has it beat be it the old one or the concept that was recently unveiled

  2. Nice one, much better than the 4 door, but reminds me too much of a Saab (the “new” 9-5).
    However, really unique designs are getting very rare these days….

  3. its a 2 door version a sedan what did u expect a whole different look….and on the nissan coupe or 350z with a backseat that competes in the sport “luxury” segment if it still has the cheap interior desighn and cheap quality of the current model, along with styling that doesnt say luxury car but again four seat nissan than the 3 series which out sells it by thousands, has an interior with more than cheap plastic and cheap leather, and a much more refined engine and suspension hell everything…..the 3 series is the reigning champ in this segment 2 or 4 door

  4. The tail lights and trunk lid look like they were lifted off the new Lexus IS. Why is BMW copying Toyota?

  5. this doesnt at all look like a toyota the lights on the is are placed different shaped different why am i explaining this has to be some idiot saying this , for shame to think that a bmw or for that matter any german luxury car emulates anything from toyota……..

  6. Let’s not forget that this is a spy shot…there may be some black camouflage tape covering some parts. This may not be EXACTLY what the car looks like.

  7. looks about like the 4-door. Not bad.

    This might be the last “Good” BMW, before they switch over to turbo engines and water down Bangle’s style.

  8. A 3-Series coupe is a POS compared to a Monte Carlo SS? That’s usually what those who can’t afford them say…

  9. Douchebag Jones…. true to your name you speak a load of crap. The Monte Carlo is a total piece of dated, bland , porly built rubbish which handles with the accuracy of an oil tanker.

  10. “-Series coupe is a POS compared to a Monte Carlo SS? That’s usually what those who can’t afford them say… “

    sure, if you’re gay and want to impress your boyfriend. get a fukking bmw compact for $40 000.

    the monte carlo is just as good.
    and I keep my extra money for real stuff. like babes.

  11. babes eh?! that’s too funny because no obnoxious asshole like you can get any kind of a decent girl.

  12. you would be wrong, my moronic gay friend.

    about the bmw
    .it is a fact that these cars are pretty much shit by now. everyone with half a brain knows it
    the monte carlo,on the other hand, is an american classic.
    and it looks great. and again, you won’t look like a fag driving one

  13. mullets are soo classy…

    when is the new monte-carlo coming out? Oh it’s true, it has just come out…

    One word… AMAZING

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