2007 BMW 3 Series Coupe

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This one was just caught in the streets.

Nothing new really.
Same as usual: a 2 door version of the sedan. Nothing more, nothing less…

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  1. u liked the abomination of a cadillac, and dont like this car….it isnt just a 2 door version the curves of the doors are different the rear is different the front is altered. and it is a 2 door version of the 3 series what esle is it suppose to be……im confused. the interior is way nicer than the g35 and the exterior acutally looks upscale

  2. the headlights are different, and the front looks to be more wedge-like. Its nice, but then again, I like Bimmers.

  3. i wish it weren’t masking tape! it looks a bit meaner than the sedan – which is fitting for the coupe.

    from the angle of the first picture, the way the hood and headlights meet reminds me of the Z3 but in a good way!

  4. you want to spend $40 000 in a krautmobile that looks and drive like a $15 000 honda civic,
    be my guest!

  5. Douchebag Jones- you are just poor and can’t afford a BMW, so you are bitter. I saw your piece of shit house on your website. You and your life are pathetic.

  6. Douchebag Jones-

    You are just bitter because you are to poor to afford a BMW. I saw your piece of shit house on your website. Kill yourself.

  7. Douchebag

    Have you really tried both cars? They would not even let you take pictures of one outside the dealership.

    I think you’re talking out of your ass… And you’re bloaty right now.

  8. ok look for the last time if the most you can get is a honda civic thats fine, but do not be brainwashed into thinking it drives like a 3 series. the 3 series is the handling and driving car in its segment which includes the tl, and tsx, and you think a honda civic and any bmw for that matter drive alike. and to the interior looks cheap comment, again the same thing there is more cheap plastic, vinyl, and aluminum look(cheap silver paint) in a g35, than anything ive ever seen and a car with real wood and leather everywhere looks cheap, everyone hates bmw and uses lies to cover it up lol, just go get buy one its ok

  9. You won’t find too many car that actually looks good in that nasty blue, so I’ll give it a benefit of the doubt.

    However, so far, I don’t like hwat I see. I like the front, but the side is just very dull. I like how the sedan version looks from the side, with its creased line, but this coupe is just too 6-ish.

    And as for interior… props to BMW for somehow making the real wood look fake. That takes some real skill. Same thing goes for the rest of the interior material. I’ve sat in the 3 series, and I know they used all soft-touch materials all around. But somehow, it looks cheap. The black interior hides the cheapness well, but oh boy, it’s a disaster in beige…

  10. I think it’s funny that BMW can’t win with its styling. When the current 7 came out with its avant-garde looks, the media criticized it for not looking like traditionally conservative BMW ought to look.

    Now, after reading all the above posts, I see that the general opinion is that the new 3 coupe looks too conservative.

    So what does everybody want from BMW – avantgarde or conservative?

    Perhaps we are getting used to the new Bangle Bimmers and now want even more progression.

  11. That douchebag,is an immature 12 yr old kid who has no life at all.

    I can’t wait for the M3 though,V10 I think?

  12. No matter what car company you prefer, this is honestly a nice looking vehicle with good solid performance.

  13. i think some people just hate bmw for whatever reason. if bmw lined everything in the interior with leather the interior would still be called cheap, if bmw used the people who constantly complain about their styling to desighn their cars, those people desighn the car and still complain about the way it looks. first bmws were to conservative than to radical, and now a coupe isnt suppose to look like the 4 door it is based on im confused. than a honda civic and a bmw drive alike, when an acura tl and honda civic dont drive alike, and the bmw handles better than it. what is it about the bmw name people hate

  14. the v-10 wont fit in the 3 series and will get a v-8 version of that engine, and did i read correct and saw that douchefagbones wants you to buy a jap product ????

  15. the last comment definetely the ignorrance and stupidity of a japanese car guy….lol grow up, find a way to buy a bmw(a real car) or stop hating and stick with your civic(a car for teenage girls, and guys that needed something ugly and boring to turn into gaudy and boring.)

  16. Very successful, aristocratic individuals would never be seen in a bmw, it’s the I finally got a good job, or I make more than my dad. It’s not old money sofistication. It really is the german version of the hinda, how droll. Plus, my employees who have them say they are unreliable!

  17. There is a 90% chance that if you get hit by car while crossing the street, this will be it.
    Funny how if anybody says anything less than adoring about a BMW, you get at least one personal attack. Shows the maturity lever of the BMW wana be croud. Either wait I agree, this is one ass ugly car. It looks like a KIA but some people can only see the world through BMW colored glasses.

  18. bmw is garbage? i’d like to see some published statistics backing that up. i have a 1991 318is w/ 160k miles and it’s one of the more reliable cars i own. i have a friend with a 2000 328ci with almost 100k on it with only minor issues since he’s had it…maintenance issues. i wasn’t hot about the E90s much when they came out, but after a weekend at BMW Performance Driving School, they are amazing cars, that handle well, feel great and are well built. everyone will have a preference when it comes to cars…but bashing an entire manufacturer b/c of a personal bias isn’t exactly mature now is it. unless it’s kia. 🙂

    apples and oranges, to each is own…but BMW is most certainly not “garbage”.

  19. “i wasn’t hot about the E90s much when they came out, but after a weekend at BMW Performance Driving School”

    If you spent a week at a KIA performance driving school you would think those cars are the shit too. Congratulations. You have been brain washed.

  20. “Congratulations. You have been brain washed.”

    listen my friend.

    i’m an avid autocrosser, who has had his fair share of automobiles. and i have actually driven and ridden in a kia. i have a vw R32..i’ll be the first to tell you VWs track record isn’t that great. i’d be the first to bash bmw if they’ve shown to me personally that they’re crappy cars. i have not had that experience. and brainwashed…sure i was bombarded with bmw-ness at the school…but i hate bangles 7 series and 5 series designs and would rather drive many other cars…but before you go saying anything about me personally…a man you do not know…watch it. i’ve driven porsches, mercedes, vws, hondas, volvos, kias, nissans, etc..and i do know a thing or two about automobiles, the mechanics of an automobile, motorcycles, motorsports, etc…you don’t know me and like they say arguing on the internet is like the special olympics..even if you win, you’re still retarded.

    i like the new 3 series
    i drove the new 3 series at a bmw institution..am i biased, sure…but because i got to rip it through corners at excessive speeds and spin it many times on the skid pad.

    and a week at kia school would not leave me longing for a spectra. that my anonymous friend, i can assure you of.

  21. I hate bmw, I’m not brainwashed, it’s just that I can read. These cars are garbage. A hyundai or Kia is better rated for reliability. These are expensive Ladas.

  22. So where’s the convertable already? The Sedan has been out for ages is seems, and still no Vert on the showroom floor? If I have to wait much longer, I may be buying a 4-Dr Chrysler 300c CONVERTABLE instead!!!

  23. You all can say whatever you like but deep down you all know it is “The Ultimate Driving Machine” and there is no denying it

  24. Wow, for an auto enthusiast blog I’d have expected some more educated and clueful comments/observations here.

    First one, directed to both the “drives like a honda” and “same as the sedan” folks, the coupe picutred is a 335i coupe, that means an all-new 3.5 litre twin-turbo engine. Yes, this is BMW reaching way back to their old turbo experience, decades ago. In any case this mill puts out 300/300 give or take. You still going to tell me it pulls away from the line or comes off an on-ramp like a Honda Civic? As for being like the sedan, BMW has in fact went further than ever in making this coupe unlike the sedan.

    This coupe is nearly as fast as the outgoing M3 and does that without sounding like a swarm of angry bees, as power comes on sooner. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the faster car in some respects (i.e. highway roll-on).

    As for the car being ugly, there’s no point arguing that, but I will say that the rear end of this coupe is by FAR its strong point and that car design has, for years now, been at the point where seeing things in three dimensions is the only way to truly get a sense of them. So go out and take a look at one.

    Oh yeah, one last thing:

    “Very successful, aristocratic individuals would never be seen in a bmw …”

    Who gives a s–t? Do you think we’re looking at a BMW coupe (or using the Intarweb) in pursuit of being “aristocratic”? You’re a very weird person. I enjoy driving the odd BMW because they’re balanced, RWD, and have really intuitive controls etc. … not because I’m trying to attain some kind of status. I couldn’t care less!

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