2007 BMW X5

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We can’t tell much from this picture, but I’ll post it anyway…

The only thing you can see is that it looks longer than the current model. And it should. The ‘smaller” X3 is almost the same size as the X5.
And the current X5 doesn’t have that much cargo room. Actually less than a 5 Series wagon..

For those who must have an expensive SUV. Althought not that exclusive anymore. They are pretty much everywhere.

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  1. give me an suv in this price range that is exclusive, because they actually dont make that many and not because they dont sell,? the x5 isnt just an exspensive suv again with the german car hating. the x5 redefined the segment upon entry and is the reason for every other performance suv…it is the original, it has lost its luster with age and very good competition but still competent and the new will be even better

  2. it looks alot like the current one, still has those weird wheel arches.

    And Vince: people don’t buy SUVs for practicality, especially luxury SUVs. Cars meet the needs of 90+% of people.

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