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Well. I ha d to squeeze the Superbowl in there somehow.

And the commercail is pretty corny. About a kid and his Hispanic dad. Relating to the Hybrid car because of their “hybrid family”. It has corporate BS written all over it.
But hey. You get to see the new Camry, right?

I’m not sure what other car is going to have a “Super commercial”, but the Camry Hybrid is a big deal. Weather you like the car or not.
And the Camry Hybrid is exactly what the Accord Hybrid should have been.
People get hybrid for the good mileage, not to get “the power of a V8 with a V6”.

At a starting price of around $26 000, and only 3 options (Leather, sunroof and Navigation), these cars should sell out pretty fast. They are only making about 48000 for the model year.

And where is the Hybrid Fusion in all that??
Not due for another year.

Late again…

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  1. Ford needs other things before they need hybrids, considering the size of the hybrid market overall. Maybe some cool small cars, a new small pickup, entry into the sub 10000 market etc etc

  2. I found out that the new Accord Hybrid for 2006 has less fuel ratings than last year. About 2-8 mpg has been lost due to the extra sunroof and spare tire. The Camry Hybrid is in many ways better than the Accord Hybrid and no doubt more fuel-efficent.

  3. Vince, I’m surprised by your comments about the Hispanic dad and son in the Camry superbowl commercial to air tonight. It’s about time the Hispanic population in this country is acknowledged for the economic force that it is and it’s becoming. I applaud Toyota for having the balls to air such a commercial. I was a BIG fan of yours but you just dropped a couple of notches in my respected journalist category.

  4. I was a BIG fan of yours but you just dropped a couple of notches in my respected journalist category
    your joking correct ? this man cant spell, make complete sentence’s or paragraph’s, and has no concept of the english language at times…

  5. Corny or not, Toyota is very smart for making a commercial of their highest selling model appeal to Latin Americans, which are the largest minority group in America right now … yes, even larger than African Americans.

    What’s troubling to the domestic automakers is that a lot of Latin Americans rate Toyota highly, and this commercial will only help broaden Toyota’s appeal to Latin Americans.

  6. No, I was not joking. He may not be a “journalist” per se, but I do look at this website for future vehicles and spy shots and his insight is right on the money for the most part. He has some good connections in the automobile business. I just did not expect that comment from him. Enjoy the game.

  7. I don’t know how anyone can take my comment as an anti Hispanic remark(??)

    You really need to read the words I say.
    I’m just saying the commercial is very corny.

    The dad explaining their family is also a Hybrid, blah blah blah….
    If you like that kind of things that’s OK.
    I just wish they could be a bit more subtle, that’s all.

    And as for the journalist insult.
    I just say what I think. It doesn’t have to be what you think. I don’t get kick backs form car companies, like the “real journalists” do.

    If the site bugs you so much, you should spend your time reading Motor Trend.

    Or better yet, look for a girlfriend.

  8. Get a girlfriend, is that the best you can do ? seeing this is your approach every single time when others attack your severe lack in journalism, hmm im married and do not need a girlfreind, thank you. But its quite obvious you need one, because its painfully obvious you dont care has to how other’s percieve you ! because if you did you would step it up one notch and keep a dictionary next to your computer , check your grammar more often and double check what you have typed to see if it makes any sense, and go back and edit your blog when its not, it only takes a minute to correct on blogs, i know i have 2 of them ! Just a few small steps to make you look alittle more professional, and not like the slob that your are in person ! and by the way the only reason i come here daily is to see how bad you have butchered the english language today…. lol

  9. Vince, no need to get upset. I just don’t see how the commercial is “corny”. And nowhere in the commercial does the dad explain “their family is a hybrid” blah, blah, blah. How about reading what you write twice before hitting the “enter” key.
    Enjoy the game!

    p.s. the commercial is running on http://www.toyota.com if you need to refresh your memory about what you saw and heard.

  10. ANONYNOUS SAIE: “What’s troubling to the domestic automakers is that a lot of Latin Americans rate Toyota highly”. I think you mis-read the article. It said “A lot of troubled Latinos are HIGH when they get I-RATE with their Toyotas” By the way, are you sure thats a Toyota? The Tailights look a lot like the new low-cost Hyundai. And the grill looks too puffy to be real, I’m sure Toyota wouldn’t make anything quite that homely.

  11. The commercial was on around 6:50 pm est. What did you guys think about it? As far as the game goes, it looks like another yawner.

  12. I’m Mexican and I wasn’t offended by you Vince (I don’t see how anyone would be offended really). But yeah the commercial was a pretty corny. I rolled my eyes at the “our family is hybrid too” just cuz it was so lame. Oh well, I still wanna trade my 04 for this new Camry.


  13. No doubt the Camry Hybrid will fail to get the fuel economy Toyota claims, but it will cost thousands more than a regular Camry. Oh what a feeling!

    BTW, the spot sucked. As creatively bland, dull and forgettable as Toyota’s lineup. Exactly what did they spend their Super Bowl advertising dollars on?

  14. The noose is closing Vince.

    They are onto you not being a journalist.

    I, like many others, need my facts (and opinions) “journalist approved.”

  15. Unfortunately this link has deteriorated into the usual immature postings from the uninformed and unintelligent. Vince, I will still check out your website for the spy shots, but please use the spell check before posting.
    : )

  16. If the critical guy who should “get a girlfriend” remains frustrated, perhaps he should get a cute boyfriend;-).

  17. has Toyota rectified their major sludge engine problem since they finally stopped blaming their loyal customers and accepted that it was a design flaw???

  18. Is that true that over this past year,Toyota has doubled it’s recalls? Are they still overstating their fuel economy as well?

  19. yes, Toyota is Rife with problems, but they are the best at hiding them. Press Payoffs?? No, I don’t think so!!

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