2007 Chrysler Sebring

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These prototypes have been around for a while, but this is the 1st time we actually see the interior of the car.

It looks like this one is a base model, with cloth seats.
I like the design but it seems that Chrysler won’t be making a huge leap in plastic quality with the new Sebring….
Or maybe it is just the “all grey rental car” looking of this perticular model.
But it does fit in the line up. Not as good as the 300, but better than the Caliber.

We’ll have to see a production model to really get an idea….

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  1. Based on the next Lancer platform.
    I guess they must stretch it. The Lancer is quite a bit smaller than the Sebring.

  2. I like that front grill. The whole front looks really stylized, i can’t wait to see the real thing. New york perhaps?

  3. the problem with the sebring is that the 300 starts at like 23,000. it may be huge improvement in quality for american cars in general, but from my experience in one they have tons of cheap plastics everywhere except the chrome strip on the door, and wood trim., the sebring cant be but so nice if the top car bases at 23, it will have to r reach the lower end of this segment…and the fact they are popular rental and fleet cars is another thing

  4. Chrysler interior plastics are by far the cheapest looking of all of the major car companies. All dashboards are made of plastic, but theirs looks like polystyrene!Given that this is what drivers have to look at, this is not the place to save a few pennies.

  5. I knew it was coming on the Lancer platform, but I was hoping it would come with 300-like style.

    I don’t like the style of the dash. I’d rather see a blocky chromograph style interior. But what can you do?

  6. Ugh, the dashboard plastics look horrible! However, I did notice that the Aspen’s interior plastics were MUCH higher grade than the Durango’s plastics, which gives me hope for them after all…

  7. The dash looks like the offspring of a Mercedes CLS500 (wide smile curve) and a Dodge Charger (blocky).

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