2007 Dodge Nitro

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Here is a picture of the all new Nitro, next to humans.
It doesn’t seem that small.
The wheelbase is actually 4 inches longer than the Liberty. And the car is also lower with a smoother suspension.

I still think it looks really nice. It has a lot of personality.
Something lacking in many small SUVs like the RAV4 or the CRV…

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  1. i truly love this ( truck not car ) but those headlights bother me and the whole grille and lites look totally tacked on as an after thought, like they couldnt come up with anything better, but the rest of the truck is awesome and so much better than the liberty.

  2. i agree, the front fenders are too big and where they meet the front bumber is a total mess, and that area between the grill and bumper is a mess, and the headlites look odd for some reason, i truly hope to see some cool aftermarket front ends for this thing, anything would be an improvement !

  3. i think this a cool looking suv,like vince said, (may i say the first time ever) it looks more inspired than cars in this class,interior and exterior, but will this take sales from the liberty?

  4. This looks really mean and clean…Almost like an import. It should be a big hit. I’d like to hear a deep V8-like growling from the exhaust(from a V6).

  5. It does look alot like the pathfinder, and looks more like a midsize suv than a CRV competitor. Also anybody notice how the Dakota looks a little like the Titan, even the Ram Headlamps look like the Titan’s.

  6. Just what the world needs- another truck based Hummer-wannabe that gets 10 mpg. Do we really need this?

  7. Not bad. I gotta say, this looks like a much better effort for a new vehicle from DCX than the non SRT versions of the new Caliber and Compass.

  8. The Liberty with the 3.7 is rated 16 city and 20 hwy.

    I would think the Nitro will do much better than 10 mpg.

  9. you can say what you want. but at least you won’t look like a fag driving this thing.

    and that’s what matters in the real world.

  10. Someone is talking alot about fags. We shouldn’t allow babies on this site. Go to bed, it’s late. This truck is made by Chrysler, what more would you like to know

  11. that’s all i need to know,asshole.

    made by chrysler usually means great, reliable and solid stuff.

    unless the krauts really fucked it up this time

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