2007 Honda CRV

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  1. The CR-V is already one of the most competent small SUVs on the road. This redesign should keep the CR-V right up on top…as long as Honda doesn’t mess up on the styling. If under this camo looks like the Stream chop that’s been floating around the CR-V will sink.

  2. Apparantly, it looks like a small ….ready….Buick Rendesvous.True but, That’s not what I say, that’s what a friend of mine says that has seen it?

  3. Yes it is on a track, testing in europe.

    And I think it will look like these illustrations floating around.

  4. Geez…I sure hope not. I’ve always thought the CR-V’s squared-off looks made it look a little different in it’s segment…even a little masculine.

  5. This thing is completely covered. How can you tell the is the new CRV?

    Anyway, thanks and I’ll be waiting for a follow-up.

  6. Just a couple bits of information…
    *no V6 engine (Honda doesn’t want to overshadow the RDX, which means it won’t even have the turbocharged 4); instead, look for a 2.4L 205HP inline-4 from the TSX
    *no SH-AWD, but most likely will use an updated VTM-4 setup
    *rumored optional DVD-based navigation system with 8″ screen and voice regocnition
    *LED gauges

  7. I currently drive a 2004 Honda CR-V EX 5-speed. It’s an excellent vehicle, and I can’t wait to see what they do with this redesign. Some automotive writers have complained that there is no V-6 option, but the 4-cylinder is pretty powerful, especially with the 5-speed, and returns great gas mileage. I get 24 mpg in regular city driving. Honda always improves on its previous models, so I’m sure this new CR-V will be nothing less than excellent.

  8. This is not the CRV it is the Acura RDX test mule from last year. Have you gone off your radar recently?

  9. this is indeed the acura you can plainly see that in the front buldges,headlamps,grille and ive seen this pic several times, it is not the crv !

  10. I completely agree…Vince, you missed this one. If you look at Acura’s website this is definitley the RDX not the CR-V. Check out the mirror mounted turn signals…they are EXACTLY the same!

  11. Let’s hope the interior is better than the current model. The current CRV interior is gotta be the ugliest and weirdest interior in the market.

  12. I hope you’re setting Vince up for a joke or something, Curious, haha.

    The CR-V shouldn’t have a V6 or a Turbo. Its not supposed to go fast. I have a B20 engined first-gen, its good at what it does. I hope they keep the squared shape and ditch the goofy ass-ed styling.

    Doesn’t Honda put side blinkers in its European cars? So its not necessarily the RDX.

  13. next x-trail looks like a murano, has a 249 hp v-6 or a 189 hp 4. CVT plus more. This dud better forget it!

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