2007 Honda CRV

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The slanted roof on this picture does remind me of the illustrations that have been posted around the web for the past few months.
I really don’t think it is the RDX. It would be easy enough to check with pictures of the actual RDX concept….

I will post other pictures later.

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  1. I just wanted to add that the CRV and RDX have a similar shape.
    If you cover them both, they do tend to look alike.
    So it would be hard to tell which one it is…

  2. whoo hoo.. I beat Douchfag to a comment. This car isn’t even out and it beats the SH*T out of any competing American models. W00t W00t! .. You suck!

    P.S. I can spell too! Heheh.. I passed grade 3 unlike ‘some people’ here.

  3. wow how exciting…..you thought the 3 series coupe was boring and mundane but the honda crv civic suv thing is somehow interesting and doesnt deserve the same comment….lol funny

  4. Using the RD-X camoflauge on the CRV is a brilliant way to hide it. If This isnt the CRV it will still look like this with the camo on.

  5. This is the RDX. The last RDX had the same wheel covers as this one. The camo is the same. And if you look at the front, the bumper has a “point” at the center like the TL–Acura. Why would Honda put BMW ‘like’ camo on the CR-V if it’s not even gonna compete with it. It’s definitely an Acura. Go back to other spy pics and compare.

  6. I still think this looks more like the RDX than the CRV. I don’t think that Honda would blurr the line between the RDX and CRV by making them look so similar.

  7. If it had the same camo as the RD-X
    people would dismiss it as an RD-X it doesn’t have to compete with anything. You think its the RD-X, thats the whole point of the camoflauge.

  8. Ummmm…no. I’m trying to look not at the camouflage, but the vehicle under it. The shape, lines, pointed snout.

  9. I fu#$@#$ hate all hondas and toyotas and that korean crapola is even worse. you bleeding hearts will probably also support communist china when they give it a shot

  10. Many Hondas and Toyotas are built in America, Yeast Infection, and China leans more and more towards a socialist government, currently, although its communist habits and human rights policies that remain continue to be deplorable. Likely you spend as much or more on products where the money is filtered back to China or other Eastern Asian countries than the amount that would go when a Toyota or Honda is purchased. It is a global economy and has been for several decades. Do you have a calendar in your cabin in Northern Idaho?

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