2007 Honda CRV ?

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Here is a picture of the interior of that prototype.
I know, we can’t see much. But it does look quite different than the RDX shown last month at the Detroit show.
Which is why I think it might just be the CRV.
Besides, this is testing in Germany. Where the RDX won’t be sold.
Not that they only test cars in countries where they sell them…

Here is the RDX interior.
The top of the dash is very flat and square.
The CRV is just different.

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  1. The proportions do seem to be very RD-X, but as you pointed out, the dash is very different. Could this be a Honda-badged RD-X clone for the Eurpean market with a less expensive interior?

  2. The bug-eyed instrument cluster has the cheap look of a Nissan Murano and other recent Nissans with crappy plastics on their dashboards.

    Maybe it’ll look better in person.

  3. Well, we know it’s not the RDX interior, so what is it?
    If it’s a Honda, it can only be the CRV.

    But maybe it is not even from Honda.
    In that case, everybody would be wrong.

    That would be kind of funny…

  4. Quit grasping at straws you fools. Vince is right. This is the CRV. Jung did you ever think that Honda will fit larger on the new CRV? The Civic is already running 16″ wheels as standard on everything except the DX and Hybrid. So the new CRV should have 17″ and 18″ wheels

  5. I seem to remember reading when the RDX was introduced that it was the basis for the next generation CRV as well, and that it would use a dash layout with a similar two-tier design like the new Civic. Look at the center of the dash and it appears to be a second center mounted tier. I think Vince is showing us the next CRV.

  6. I think the second binnacle in the center of the dash could be for a navigation screen which should be availible on the next-gen CRV.

  7. I can’t tell you how intruigued I am by all of this. I have been looking out for 3rd generation CR-V spy photos for over a year now. good stuff!

  8. Jung, I appreciate your efforts but I can’t help but think that your math is off somewhere. Assuming 17″ wheels, a 95″ wheel base is about the same as the Pontiac Solstice. In that case, it seems like everything is out of proportion, particularly the four doors.

    I agree in thinking this is the new CR-V, not that that tells us much.

  9. Doors are light weight. cars ride jumbly, these hondas of late are…..SHIT!Honda Freaks unite!You’ll need to after the assault of much better cars.

  10. This definitely isn’t Honda CR-V replacement. I made a little pix below to get a rough measurement of the dimension of the vehicle using the wheel size as base.If those are 16in wheels then:wheelbase: about 90″height: 55″If those are 17in wheels then:wheelcase: about 95″height: 59″Even if they were 18″ wheels (i doubt it), the dimension would be quite a bit smaller than the current CR-V, which has height of 66″ and wheelbase of 103.3″.This is probably something much smaller… if it is honda at all.

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