2007 Kia Sorento Interior

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Sorry about the poor quality of the picture.
But Kia hasn’t released official photot of the new interior yet.

As you can see, it seems very nice. But is it really better than the current model?

Kia seems to have a lot of money to spend on changes that aren’t really needed.

I can think of other interiors that would need a redesign before this one.
Like the Chevrolet Cobalt, or the Ford 500.

Anything else?

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  1. is that a navigation screen on top of the center stack? HVACs on the bottom, and radio in the middle. Seems to be to me, unless its just an empty cubby hole.

  2. I think it’s a navigation. But GPS has always been an option in Korea.
    They just don’t offer it over here for whatever reason…

    “im surprised u didnt say anything that isnt a toyota or honda”
    What the hell does that mean????

  3. You may say “what’s the point in this freshening when it’s barely noticeable?” But you’ve got to hand it to the Koreans. The American car companies are getting pwned for their unwillingness to refine their existing products in a timely manner. Just imagine what the next all-new Sorento will be like. Clearly the Koreans have learned how to sweat the details.

  4. Kia makes garbage that is acceptable in the 3’rd world. Hyundai is parent company. Same crap, different store. You look like a cheap asshole driving a Korean car. People that smile at you are actually laughing. Don’t defend this garbage….if you do, it’s obvious you sell this crap for a living

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