2007 Kia Sorento

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  1. This is one damn clean looking car. My friend has one and he is more than satisfied with it. Although the changes are minor, I’m sure it will continue to be one of Kia’s best sellers.

  2. First of all, it does not look one bit like a Toyota and those changes actually make the car look nicer. And for the guy who said it’s a Toyota clone, you have to see what the Chinese is coming up with these days.

  3. I actually see more of the new Mercedes suv in it than Toyota. Why does everyone keep saying “toyota clone?”

  4. because people wish the toyotas they drive, looked like something other than boring jello molds on wheels…., and im confused u said just the opposite about the expedition, it also was released in 2002 maybe 03, and u said a car that has been out for 3 years needs a total redo…but this doesnt?

  5. What the hell is it with people on this website and Toyotas?! Next Vince will post pictures of a 1960s Jag E-type or a Aston Martin DB5 and u’ll compare them to Toyotas ans suggest that Jaguar owned a time machine came to 2006 and copied the clearly perfect in every way Camry. The Sorento looks like it did before pretty much, and has never looked like a Toyota, so why would it suddenly? You Posters should get over your weird little obsession of comparing everything and accusing every car manufacturer on the planet of copying boring, bland Japanese cars.

    PS.. that guy who said the CLK post the other day was a mixture of camry and R-Class. WHAT THE HELL…. WHAT THE HELL??

  6. I think the “comparing everything to a Toyota” comments are a joke from a 12 yar old moron…

  7. Dam right Vince, one of these “hey we hould change something, so waht about a different grille” facelifts. Getting tired of these, if they don´t improve it , why spend the money? Just hurts resale values of the “old” ones….

    Anyway, here in Austria Sorrentos sell like crazy (by SUV standards)

  8. I am guessing the Toyota clone comment is a joke, but we cannot forget when the Sorento first came out it looked like the old RX300 clone, and not a bad looking one IMO. Anyway, minor changes aren’t that bad and I am sure the next one will look good too.

  9. They say toyota clone because people who like toyota can’t think of anything else, like hondafiles. The reason they probably didn’t change it much was too keep the price down, korean auto makers know people mostly buy the brand because of the price.

  10. junk is junk, kia vehicles are low end. who the @##@ wants to be seen in one. it’s the classic cheapskates car. everyone knows your a cheap asshole when you drive a Kia

  11. The above poster an idiot who is biased and ignorant. Making comments as if hes owned a recent Kia before. Kia is already the 5th biggest import in the US and amoung the world’s fastest growing car makers. The fastest growing in europe. Why? Because the huge numbers of people buying Kia vehicles are not ignorant such as yourself and are realising what a great quality vehicle Kia makes.

  12. Listen Brian, the only ignoramous here would be someone who would post their name and proudly defend Kia. Obviously you have something to gain and obviously you work for Kia. Guessed it didn’t I. it’s written all over your very very weak defense statement. Anyways, you bumbling, ignorant Kia geek, Barbie does offer a full size car…..it’s called a Kia Amanti

  13. LOL, that must be it! I work for Kia. Or perhaps I might be one of the millions of people who buy and will continue to buy Kias every year in growing numbers. Maybe I’m one of the numerous car journalists who praise the quality and value of Kia vehicles. Or someone from JD Powers who knows about the high scores Kia vehicles recieve in customer “delight” and satisfaction. One thing I definately am not, is a biased, ignorant jerk such as yourself, who for some reason feels threatened by Kia’s success. But in the end, I’m glad there are cry babies like you out there because that is just a sure sign of Kia’s growing success. I’m sorry, but its people like you who look bad, not the drivers of a quality car. Keep whining, because to me, its just a greater indication of Kia’s growing success.

  14. Yikes, such passion displayed for an economy car!! Could you two settle you differences and get along!

  15. Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, you’re still a retard.

    And the Kia looks like a TOYOTA

  16. If you are in a Kia, remember, people are not smiling at you and saying “hello how are you”, They are laughing at you, and saying ” look at the cheap asshole!”

  17. Rob in Canada:
    I have purchased two Sorento’s and I love them as well as the excellent trade in value. Living in Canada I have put this SUV through some heavy duty snow and no problem. I have had not one problem with either unit. The Service at my local dealer is beyond the call of duty.As a former GM owner Kia is doing it right.I feel that they are the next up-coming car company with un matched quality.

  18. First, lets get this straignt, Kia’s are way above the Kia Sephia level. The only haters out their are the ones who never driven a Kia. I have two Kias and they haven’t gave me any problem. Also about the facelift Sorento I would not be umbrassed at all in a car badge Kia. Their prices are not considered cheap anymore. And for the haters, wake up! Kia has already past your level and is about to over lap it!

  19. I am really thinking of leasing a Kia Sorento Ex 06. To the current owners I have this question. Should I Buy a used Kia Sorento Ex or should I lease a new one? Which one is better?Any opinion would help.
    thank you.
    A new fan of KIA

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