2007 Lexus ES 350

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I have to say, these pictures look quite disapointing.
It seems like Lexus has tried its best to erase any trace of personality from past ES designs.
If you thought the previous ones were boring, just look at this one a cry…

I am sure it is a great car. A pleasure to drive and to own.
But the design makes the new Camry look like “Misss Personality”

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  1. It’s perfect for my grandmother and all of her friends down at Shady Pines…which is exactly who Lexus designs the car for.

  2. Yea I like it! It’s luxury without screaming it to everybody. Perfect step up for Camry owners looking for more, and an excellent first rung on the ladder to the GS and LS.

    Make mine with Golden Almond and a black leather interior, the Aquamarine Pearl is good too.

  3. this is no zephyr.
    but at least, it’s much better than what the krauts are offering at twice the price.

  4. i specifically said, NO TOYOTA emplyees. It’s obvious that anyone supporting such a pimped out Camry works for the company. No name calling to German people please. You sound like an inbred ignoramous from the deep south

  5. This car’s profile is gastly, the beltline is too high, proportions are awful all over, there’s too much front overhang, the insipid rear end is goofy-looking, and that peeled-back headlight treatment is as nauseating as on the outgoing model.

    However, the interior isn’t too bad considering it has to be stretched to fit over the existing Camry bones. Not breath-taking, but decent enough.

    Shame on you, Lexus, shame.

  6. ” You sound like an inbred ignoramous from the deep south”

    and who the fuck are you? mister “no toyota employee”
    do you work for mercedes or bmw?
    are you runing this blog?

  7. “i specifically said, NO TOYOTA emplyees. “

    and who the fuck are you?
    do you work for mercedes or bmw?

    a kraut calling me an inbred from the south?

    and kid, watch your spelling.

  8. I guess ES design is then successful,
    because its personality is “”personalityless””
    haha so by removing all the remaining personality its personality has been accentuated

  9. temper temper !, I knew that would get your simple mind….No swearing either….by the way you are acting, you are really showing your class or lack thereof. Now, take your medication and then try to act like a non Toyota employee robot moron. Try to be civilized, that’s not classy at all

  10. Great previous post, these people think this is their place to vent , instead of their shrink’s office. way out of control. Name calling and talking down to different races. Grow up!

  11. That Douchbag, what a guy. Look in the mirror and you will msee someone who’s not happy with their life. Why else would you be so hostile in a car forum? do seek help

  12. Yes, I agree, he should be out! Now, about this Chinese looking pimped out Camry….Please Toyota, try harder next time.. Douchy your out so don’t respond…Ya, we’ll call him Douchy!

  13. First of all, I’m from central Alabama, and really don’t appreciate the Deep South slams. I really don’t understand why douchy-boy is so tightly wound, either. I kind of like this car, especially much better than the current ES, which is a Camry with worse proportions. The interior is fantastic! My first impression is probably not what Toyota wanted though…the front end is just like the Hyundai Azera sedan, something Hyundai likely intended.

    Everyone take a chill pill and have a good day.

  14. This is step down from the current ES in terms of exterior design. They took a lot more chances with this the current ES and they still sold hundreds of thousands of them.

    Where is that L-finesse? Oh well… my 2004 es330 is still in good shape. I’ll skip this one and get a new one in… 2012. yikes… 6 years away.

  15. Have to see the real thing.
    The pictures on 2007es.com look better. Oh well, different angles give us different perspective, just like the discussion on this topic.

  16. I think this car is a direct competition for the mercedez E class at about $15K less and with a more powerful, more reliable V6. Lexus gives Midsize luxury car buyers a great choice.

  17. in that brown color, it looks like a melted turd!

    azera might turn out to be a better car than this.
    but it is obvious they are both crap compared to the zephyr.

  18. Outside it moans “2006 SONATA!” Inside it moans “GET THIS HORSE COLLAR OFF MY DASH!” But then again, people who buy Toyotas have never been put-off by bland or repulsive styling.

  19. I’d like to point out to the douchebag, that the Zephyr no longer exists….. Thank God!

    (Sorry re-badged piece of shit anyway…)

  20. I like this classy style anyway. In my humble opinion it’s a big IS, a great competitor for the mercedes.
    And by the way, does anyone knows something about official prices?
    And what about the length, is suposed to be around 200 inches, isn’t it?

  21. sorry about the deep south comments. you are right,there are alot of hotties down there. Douchy has to go though

  22. Sweet lines, but plastiky, almost resembles a Chinese car. Could this be a Chery badged a Toyota to divert attention??

  23. I am a Toyota employee and I think the new ES looks are abysmal. The front and rear overhangs are too long (as is the case on current ES), and the hood is too high. Overall proportions remind me of new Passat, which I think looks as bloated as ES. I agree that L-Finesse isn’t as apparent in new ES as much as we see in the LS, GS and IS.

    ES will never be an E-Class or 5-Series competitor because of its front drive chassis. More like an Avalon and Lucerne competitor, in my opinion. Since Infiniti has dropped its I35 and Acura moved the RL more upmarket, looks like ES will have this entry-luxury market segment clinched, while G35, IS, 3-Series, A4, TL battle the entry-sport-luxury segment.

    I’ll bet the ES will sell in record numbers cuz everybody will excuse the grotesque looks for Lexus reliability.

  24. Toyota makes the best cars in the world, nobody else makes a good car, they have no recalls, no problems and everyone loves them.If anyone ever thinks that they have a problem with their Toyota, the problem is with them, not the Toyota. Now, repeat one thousand times and you have started your very own Toyota brainwash session.This is what those jerks actually belive

  25. Well here we are again on another deteriorating thread. My .02 on this car. Looks like Lexus division took the “safe” route with this one as they did with the new Camry as far as the “styling” goes. This one looks just like the previous generation did with the exception of the new GS tail lights, the funky “waterfall with a meteor hole” on top look, and the glass roof of the Scion tC thrown in for good measure. They will probably sell a boat load of them to the Lexus wannabe crowd who still don’t know it’s a “gussied up” Camry.
    : )

  26. The Toyota Employee is basically right, not because of opinion but because hes got his facts straight. People like 6:27 are going to be critical because they want to be critical, not because they have any facts that really matter.

  27. Say what you all want but we can safely assume that some of the commenters here have never owned anything in the $45-$50K price range and are basically talking out of your ass.

    I’ve owned them all – Benz, BMW, Range Rover. This car is not a snoozer. You criticize its cosmetics but you’re happy to brag about a Mercedes (it’s a Chrysler) or Audi (nope, really a VW).

    It takes you above the $60K mark to get anything close to the tech and luxury in this car. The engine sits on electronically controlled mounts to reduce vibrational noise. The seats are air conditioned. The wood is a piano-grade matched series coded to a single tree to keep grain uniform. Check that leather on the benz and you’ll be surprised that it isn’t leather everywhere…

    It’s not a porsche or a mini-maybach but for the lux segment, this car destroys everything up to (but not including) S-Class and 5-series, Acura RL, Audi A6… and of course the performance variants (AMG etc).

    You can talk all you want but 200K other people are voting with their checkbooks year after year.

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