2007 Lincoln MKZ

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I am not kidding you.
This is the official picture of the new 2007 Lincoln MKZ…

As you can all see, the “MKZ” is just a Zephyr. With a 3.5 Liter engine.
But why????

Why screw early buyers of the Zephyr by renaming the car just a year later…
Is Zephyr that much of a dirty word, that they have to get rid of it so quickly?
And when you say it out loud, MKZ just sounds so… Stupid. (Like a sleepy hamburger)

What the Hell is going on over there? Who’s running this circus?

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  1. I wouldn’t mind the name change if Lincoln added feature that would make it more competitive with the new ES330. Where’s the Bluetooth, backup camera, voice recognition, adjustable rear headrests, power rear sunshade, adaptive headlights, and stability control?

  2. yeah i agree this makes no sense, and i also agree with the other comment, the zephyr in my opinion is pretty nice for a lincoln, thought not as nice looking as the concept and kinda boring, but is an excellent value when compared with the is, 3 series, c class, g35 etc. but against its closest real competitor the es it is only slightly cheaper, with less technology

  3. It might be a lincoln version of the ford five hundred. That would explain the all wheel drive and 3.5L engine. With the same front end they would be indistinguishable from a picture like this. They also seem to be emulating the acura lineup such as the MKX(MDX)zephyr(TL)MKS(RL).

  4. They can diddle with the drive line and other hardware, but this low-volume car doesn’t need another name: Zephyr is enough.

    Why confuse buyers who haven’t yet learned what a Zephyr is by adding a bunch of silly letters to this overimproved Fusion?

    Best to buy the tarted up Fusion and save your money if you must own a Ford.

    Better yet, buy a Honda Accord or the all-new Camry next month if you want a better car for less money than the mid $30s price you’ll pay for a Ford with a Lincoln badge on it.

  5. iQuack, don’t you mean the HND CRD and TYT CMR? _ct__ll_, th_s _s j_st f_n_ f_r LNCLN. Wh_ n__ds v_w_ls _nyw_y? …_r _s th_t _n_w__?

    My entire life and career have depended on the use of vowels and you’re not going to take them away!

  7. So, what’s with the Mark “alphabet” naming thing? Aviator wasn’t a bad name, Zephyr wasn’t that bad either. So they’re going to rename the Navigator MKN or something? What about the Town Car? (Well that will be replaced with that Detroit car) Lincoln is not much of an international player anyway so why confuse their customers (who are getting older)

  8. Its GHEY! Ok, there, I said it. Its the gheyest thing Ford has done since the Mercury Capri. It is the Gheyest of the Ghey. In all their efforts to establish a brand identity, they decide to make an appeal to the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy crowd. If you are a Metrosexual or simply batting for the opposing team, this might appeal to you.

    GEEZ Ford, how can you give the domestic bashers so much friggin ammo?

    Oh, and Bill Ford is Ghey too. 😛

  9. I never understand how these car companies work. How do their highly paid professionls come up with such poor ideas like this. The new name sucks and is boring. Just like that sedan concept that had at detroit. The zephyr and the way it was marketed was done is a class leading manner and they dont need to try to immitate the dullest of the japanese brands to position themselves better.

  10. that “circus”, my moron friend, is still being run by the great ford family.
    trust me, they know what they’re doing.

    the lincoln is a much better car than the paper thin lexus or the gay bmw.
    that is a fact
    the metal in the lincoln is also much thicker than the other cars.
    that is also a fact that could save your life.

  11. The last 4 cars ford intro’d look exactly the same. Hey ford, This isn’t 1982 and people are still naive. You build junk, people know it…Bye Bye

  12. There are still lots of Mercury Zephyrs running around and the target market is old enough to remember the twin to the Ford Fairmont. This beats Chrysler naming a new SUV the Aspen to people who remember the Dodge Aspen. Especially the wagon with the woodgrain.

  13. I agree that alpha-numeric naming has become ridiculous. It’s too confusing now that almost all car manufacturers are doing it.Cars with long-standing favorable reputations have resisted: Honda ACCORD, Toyota CAMRY, Chevy CORVETTE, Toyota COROLLA, Honda CIVIC, etc.When model names are dropped it’s often because the manufacturer wants people to forget duds like the Chevy Cavalier and so many others whose names weren’t worth preserving.The Lincoln Zephyr did exist in the 1930s and ’40s. I hope this link to a 1937 Zephyr works–copy and paste to your browser’s address bar if it’s not highlighted:

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