2007 Lincoln Navigator

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Well… After the recent introduction of the new Expedition, it didn’t take too long to see the new Navigator.

I like Lincoln’s new interiors in general. So i do like this one. Still inspired by their 1960’s models.
But the rear end now looks like someone tried to showhorn the Zephyr rear lights in there.

And the front looks like a joke. At least on this picture.
It looks like a bad photoshop illustration done by a 13 year old on drugs…

And what about the name. Can you now trust these guys? Are they going to rename this the MKN next year????

Will these be remembered as the dark days….

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  1. This looks like a cariacature of Lincoln Naivgators of yore. They’ve always looked un-Godly, but this looks other-worldly. What the hell is going on over at Lincoln? The grill…the headlights…the side profile that looks like an exact copy of previous generations… (the interior is not really doing it for me either) And Vince, you’re probably right – Mark N (MKN) has such a lovely ring to it *gag*

  2. And my addendum to the previous post:

    That first pic really looks like a ‘chop. Could it be that those first two pics are chops, Vince?

  3. First they rename the only real competition to a Ford Taurus the MKsomething because it is a quick and easy way to save money on trunk emblems with a smaller one using less cheap plastic. And now this pile of shit shows up. The interior reminds me of some of the darkest days of ford with a crummy split between the pass. and driver. I really can’t believe the design department signed off on the front end of this thing. It looks, uh, scary.

  4. Sorry to say, but these are official pictures, straight from Lincoln.
    The front end has to be one of the ugliest thing on the road.

  5. I think they left the spy camoflage on the pic of the front of the car. Either that or the Navigator has gone from being mildly ugly to REALLY ugly.

  6. Excellent interior, fine from the side, O:K in back (and MUCH better than anything else) but still could be better. The front however–what on earth are they trying to do? Too busy. They took what was one of the best looking fronts in the industry and totally screwed it up. I may still buy one though–just as soon as I can find a shop that can give it a facelift. It’s just too bad, the rest is all so absolutely asthetically correct!

  7. WTF!?!?!

    Really. WTF!?!?!

    I mean, was Bill Ford smoking crack? Geez, they have screwed up one of the best things Lincoln had going for it.

    Maybe it would look a bit better if they took that big chrome upper lip off of it? The interior is dead on stunning. The tail, its ok I guess, but I do agree with Vince’s assessment….

    So, one more time….


  8. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

    The current navi is hot, i think it looks better than the current caddy. HOWEVER from the pics i have seen of the next caddy, and now seeing this, i do believe caddy wins the next round.

  9. this monstrocity has always looked like crap
    but the new one has reached all new levels of shit.
    i guess that’s what gangsters like, so that’s what they get.

  10. So they tried to fit the new Lincoln grille on the Navigator, and they just snap the back of the Zeph….I mean the MKZ on the back of the new Navigator. It’s…..hideous. I never thought the new Aviat…I mean MKX look good and they just put the damn grille on the Navigator.
    Is it me or does Lincoln reinvent itself (as does Mercury) every 2 years? They were in love with the vertical grille a short while back (I think they gave that idea to Mercury) and now this, I wonder what’s next.

  11. Looks like they may have tried to copy the large Infiniti SUV, the front end anyway. Headlights look similar.

  12. Vince Burlapp said: “Sorry to say, but these are official pictures, straight from Lincoln…” Yeah-But, remember Ford has the WORST official fotos (remember the original Zep fotos?) I’ll reserve judgement until some grade school snaps it with his cellphone-cam.

  13. I have a feeling no one posting on this site has a large luxury SUV. It was not designed for this audience. I cannont think of one SUV that is good looking anymore, except of course Range Rover, but, that is it.

  14. Anonymous said…

    there is no god. there is no god. there is no god.

    Of course there is, he’s just got a dry British sense of humor. Something like Monte Python.

    Now we just need an anvil to fall fromm the sky and smash this thing.

  15. Maybe we should start a national navigator tire slashing campaign. That way everyone will be afraid to buy this thing so we won’t have to look at it.

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