2007 Mazdaspeed 3

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I’ve talked about this before. But these are the 1st official pictures of the sport version of the Mazda3.

It uses a similar 2.3 Turbo engine as the Mazdaspeed 6. But they have not announced the hp yet.

All of a sudden the small rocket market seems to be heating up.
The Dodge SRT4 was just announced last week!

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  1. The Mazda 3 is a great car…a nice alternative to the other econo-cars out there. Mazda should figure out a way to bump up the gas mileage on the 3…that’s it’s weak spot. They just need to price the Mazdaspeed 3 right.

  2. I would take a lighter cheaper FWD over an AWD. You can always modify the suspension to put the power down. Sure it won’t be as fast as a full zoot evo but who cares if you save $10k. This car will have a limited slip diff just like every other mazdaspeed model so far.

  3. Yes, it IS front wheel drive.
    Which seems a little bit strange.
    I guess they don’t really want to go against the Eveo and WRX…

  4. this piece of crap will be way overpriced when it comes out. and mazda’s reliability is way below any us car.
    why don’t you kids consider a malibu SS, monte carlo, or a mustang gt instead. real cars that real men drive

  5. Yes because we all know that kids are just DYING to drive Monte Carlos and Malibus these days…give me a break. Kids want Mustangs, true, but not any Malibu or Monte will find its way into a child’s dreams.

  6. The same direct-injection engine is used in the Mazdaspeed6, where it cranks out 274 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque in North American tune.
    sooo lets hope its the same in the 3 or perhaps more with a less restricive exhaust…

  7. To Douchebag:

    I hope you know what GTFO means.

    I’ll have to wait what the numbers might be. 230hp? I hope so.

  8. Interesting that Mazda uses it´s own engine, while Ford uses the Volvo T5 engine in the Euro Focus ST(same platform)…

    To Douchebag:
    On the one hand his crap really starts to get annoy, on the other hand he is most probably mentally too retarded to notice, so we shouldn´t blame him…

  9. Douchebag…

    wat r u f*cking retarded?!
    How can you put a 8 Year old monte carlo with sebring front end up against Mazda?! Go Back to 1960’s where you belong!!

    As far the Crap comment..
    Mazda’s 2.3L I4 is the most reliable engine they have running right now.. 70% of the mazda’s are powered by that engine. It just goe awarded Ward’s Top Ten Engines in the world.

    2007 MazdaSpeed3…
    Having working for Mazda..
    They told us the HP will be in the 250HP neighbourhood, obviously with Emission ratings that might change closer to launch date!
    Second thing is it will not be an AWD model!

    Posted By TSX!

  10. OMFG thats going to be awesome. Its going to melt some tires and lay down some kick ass times. Period.

    As for the all-wheel drive thing, I don’t see why it needs it. NOt every car should have it, I don’t want it, and often, it ruins cars (BMWs should not have AWD, EVER)

  11. Nice, but it doesn’t really do it for me! I’d rather have a Euro (new type) Golf GTI, Focus ST or a Astra VXR.

  12. I’m Not much for little cars, but I have to admit; Mazda styling is as good as BMW, and quite possibly better than Mercedes. Certainly more exciting than Honda, Hoover, Toyota or Tonka.

  13. Toyota and Honda couldn’t dream of making such a car. Mazda is zooming light years ahead. Proof again that the best quality car is not always the best seller. Mazda has refuses to make boring Japanese cavaliers like Toyota does in the Yaris.

  14. I do give credit to Mazda for doing things a little different than other Japanese car companies…however even though they are getting very good, they still have a way to go. Their quality isn’t quite up there w/ Toyota and their engines aren’t as silky smooth as Hondas. But kudos to Mazda for really bringing the zoom zoom!

  15. Today, go drive a Mazda 3 and then a corolla and civic. Do it back to back. The Toy and Hon won’t touch it…believe me it’s true..I mean in all categories.

  16. That’s not true. I drove the Mazda 3 S sedan. I then went straight to the Honda dealer where I drove the Hatchback Civic Si. The Si felt MUCH more refined and light on it’s feet. Both cars have 160hp. The Si was fun, while the 3 felt like a big car…very heavy feeling. I bought the Si and haven’t had a regret.

  17. I think this is “THE NEXT BIG THING” since Dodge, Jeep & Pontiac all make similar models. (Toyota makes one too, but nobody seems to care)

  18. Honda builds tinny garbage, but that’s not the point. The point is this…..WE Can Get Rid of Douchbag NOW! never respond to him / it in any way from now on. He/ it will go away. Only WE can do it

  19. This car looks great!!! Can’t wait to test drive it.


    The SRT-4 has been around for 3 years now(neon version). Light Fwd turbo that makes the Evo’s and WRX’s go hide!!! Then came the Ion Redline/Cobalt SS. Also nice little cars.

  20. Mazda has stepped up to the performance and styling of BMW to the point that I’ll be looking to trade my M3 in for the new Mazdaspeed 3.

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