2007 Mercedes CL

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The new CL should be coming out really soon.
So this might be the last illustration we see of it before the real thing.

I think it looks really nice, and pretty close to all the spy shots we’ve seen of the car.

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  1. new CL is gonna be awesome.

    but its really hard to see a point in buying such a large coupe. for the same amount of money, i’d get into a Bentley Continetal GT instead, that thing got way more class.

  2. another overpriced piece of crap from the master race

    get a cadillac instead, do the right thing for once

  3. Hey douch, what you and GM Ford and DC don’t understand is that if you actually take the time to research and develop an innovative, quality automobile…PEOPLE WILL BUY IT. It’s sad really, when will they learn????

  4. Mercedes has the luxury coupe market cornered with its CLK and CL. It really has no other competition. The only other luxury coupes are 6series and XK, but those two are priced right in between CLK and CL. And Bentley Continenal GT is still far more expensive.

    I doubt the new 3 series coupe will put much dent on the CLK sales, with its rather cheap looking design.

    I see quite a few well-to-do middle age women driving CL in wealthy suburbs of NJ. Mercedes did a decent job differentiating CL from S-class with this current generation. It has a lot more upscale interior touches than the S-class. And if they took it a step further with this new CL to differntiate from the sedan, then this will be a big success.

  5. I agree with the last reader’s comment. I also see quite a lot of CL in the Bay Area. Believe or not, I’ve probably seen more CL than the Cadillac XLR.

    I think it does own a special niche of the market. Untill Lexus decides to build its LF-A concept or BMW decides to build a 9 series coupe, the CL is gonna continue to own that niche.

  6. ill agree mercedes has a good line of cars because they compete in so many segments. but ill disagree with the cheap desighn of the series coupe. and the clk is priced higher than the 3 series and the clk really has no direct competition no other coupe is in this price range and/or offers a v6, v8, and performance model. the closest are the g35, and the 3 series again which arent direct competitors. if bmw created a coupe in between the 3 and 6 that would compete with the clk, and infiniti made an m coupe (which i think would be a good idea) it would compete with the clk

  7. ^^^
    I didn’t mean the CLK looked cheap. I meant the upcoming 3-series coupe (dubbed 4-series) looked cheap, looking at pre-production photos. CLK is a really classy looking car and like I said in the earlier post (anonymous), has no real competition along with its biggers sister CL.

  8. While we’re on the subject on MB, there’s something about the fact that they use practically the same ‘sports’ grill configuration on their coupes and the B and R classes that makes those coupes look cheaper. I was personnaly fine with the sedan-style grill being used on the coupes (à la 300CE); they looked much more substantial and upscale.
    BTW, did anyone notice that they reduced the number of horizontal lines in the 500SL grill from 4 to 3? Slight refresh, ugly result…

  9. the reason that Mercedes put the “sports coupe” grill on the B and R class is because future legislation will make it very difficult, if not impossible to have a hood ornament on them, so, they are slowly integrating it into the whole portfolio.

  10. Maybe SF area is loaded with CL, but here in Germany I haven’t seen a 2005 CL model for a while (And I guess I see a few dozens of 2006 S-Classes or CLSs per day). This is Mercedes paradise¡¡¡. I think the current model it’s completely outdated. But I’m scared to a new “Koreanished” CL, as well as the new S-Class.

  11. I dont care about anyone’s opinion, I already gave money in advance to have it, awwww, cant wait to get it….!

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