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Yes… It IS ugly.

I haven’t actually seen one yet. But I sat in the new Escalade.
And this thing makes the Escalade look like a runway model.

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  2. I read that they intended to market it to hip-hopppers. I think this may be the nail in the coffin of the bling trend.

  3. I gotta say I don’t really… *mind* it.

    i don’t find it really unappealing, though I’m not sure why-lots of chrome, complex lights and a bulgy hood spell disaster but I don’t really hate it. The rear lights are kinda weird but not really unexpected.
    I do like the interior.
    I think it looks similar to the QX from Infiniti…

  4. first what is up with these psycho comments, a car shouldnt make anyone write the filth that is on this blog…but passed ignorrant people, i think it at least fits the segment, and certainly demands attention not as ugly to me as the qx with its ackward lines mis lined headlamps, and gigantic grill, but still very gaudy…

  5. Yeah, the ‘AIDS’ comment is a bit out there, but this is still a foul looking trucking. I hope this redesign sends sales of these beasts on a downward spiral. I’d hate to have to see these in my rearview mirror.

  6. It’s not horrible, but nowhere near is it to the Escalade’s beauty. Looks like aftermarket grills are the way to go after all!

  7. Most of you may not see the resemblance to the Lincoln grilles from the early and mid-1960’s. Lincoln is digging into their past for styling cues-most readily evident in the dual-cowl dashboards across the line. Personally, I’ve seen waaaaay too many images of new vehicles on-line which at first glance made me gag and then when I saw the real thing was pleasantly shocked at how good they look in person. I’m reserving comment and the worst I can say is that any re-do of a front and rear clip onto a body that’s been around a few years is rarely a pleasant outcome. The upper grille is actually not bad but in conjunction with the lower looks a bit busy.

    By the way, whoever posted the “dying of AIDS” comment apparently has their values between losing a loved one and a vehicle’s looks grossly misplaced.

  8. didnt say a loved one, more like someone i didnt really like. calling someone names like ignorrant doesnt really help your image, there. the qx looks damn good compared to this hideous thing,and some inbred minute men cant stand that fact that ford makes garbage.

  9. There are some people here who remeber the good ol’days when american car companies built the very best, but unfortunately the product no longer holds up to its roots. This has nothing to do with Japanese or German products. The truth is even if it has the same name, it has different engineers, different designers and different priorities. To quote Bob Lutz “We’re not in the business of making cars,we’re in the business of making money”.

  10. I dont think this is real. this is the one time i hope design does not make to production.What is sad is that i dont usually agree with u foriegn car lovers.If it does,the after market will rush to correct the facia and most of them wont leave the lots without a front makeover!The interior is on the money on the other hand.

  11. Lincoln just shot itself in the foot with this design. It’s looking more and more likely that Ford execs may very well drop it after all. No brand design direction, vehicles on two aging platforms (town car, this piece of crap Navigator), a recently dropped mid-size RWD sedan known as the LS, and a bad Fusion rebadge. It sounds like they already threw in the towel. They’re just waiting for the axe to drop.

  12. As of now this thing looks really ugly, but, I agree with one of you guys that it may look better in person. The 06 down to 03,i think, are the best looking Navi’s

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