2007 Nissan Quest

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Basically, a new front and dashboard.

They just made it a bit more conservative for the market. But it is still not boring.
The new dash adds a bit of class to the interior.

A busy year for Nissan…

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  1. Still the Quest, but it does look more normal with the instrument panel in front of the driver where it belongs.

  2. Even though it looks much less radical than the current version, this will more than likely help garner more sales. Remember, America loves conservatism when it comes to family vehicles!

  3. This thing looks outstanding. This interior will make it more acceptable for the market. Nissan is an in incredible company. They are the next BIG thing

  4. Quest facelift in May(much nicer pkg. than Toy or Hon), Maxima Facelift in June ( Infiniti interior), New class leading Versa 5-door in late June/early July, New World beater Sentra in August, Then the champ of all champs, the Camry eating Altima in September. I promise you, Nissan has a lot up it’s sleeve. There is more but I can’t say yet.

  5. world beating sentra”!
    “camry eating altima”?
    you are kidding, right?

    the new sentra looks like the piece of shit it is.
    and don’t expect much from the new altima.

    the malibu and g6 will eat that thing up.

  6. Nissan Spyking, can you share anything with us about the new Altima?
    I really like the current model.

    But I must say I am a bit disapointed with the new Sentra. At least from the pictures. Maybe it is one of these cars that look great in person…

    But the Altima.. I’m not too crazy about the steering feel. Although a bit better than the Maxima.
    Any changes on that?
    Are they going in a totally different direction as far as design is concerned??/

  7. Hey Spyking,

    Nissan better have a lot up its sleeves, because Nissan sales have been declining for four months in a row in the US, not to mention they’re declining in Canada too.

  8. My Two Cents…

    This is for the Nissan freak who posted earlier.

    Are you kidding me, they had 6 years to get it right and they come up with a car that has a maxima front end and Hyundai Accent’s overall body..
    “All-New” 2.0L engine thats ages behind, Mazda’s old 2.0L did 130HP back in 2001.
    Mazda3 puts out 150HP and much better fuel economy.
    Nissan will need takeout Honda first and then chase Mazda3.

    Nissan Quest…
    I will say two thing..
    1: Ugly gets Uglier
    2: Honda Odyssey, have you seen it yet?

    Nissan Altima…
    It’s a decent car, I take the Accord instead.
    and there is no way you will beat the Camry in sales and the new one has just set the bar again!

    Nissan Maxima..
    I have respect for that car..

    posted by: TSX

  9. “Nissan Maxima..
    I have respect for that car..”

    respect?!? for a car!

    hey kid.
    you respect someone, someone’s work.
    not a fucking car!
    the maxima can’t even touch cars like the 300 or the impala.
    if you need to respect a pile of matal, have some respect for these first.

  10. Douchebag Jones…

    Old fart like urself might not respect cars.. I respect cars that I like.

    as far as the 300 or Imapala goes AKA Chrysler Sebring..

    Put the 3.5V6 Maxima up against the V6 versions of both cars.. it will out run and out handle em both.

  11. That thing was ugly to begin with and nothing has changed. Nissan/Ford couldn’t make a good minivan, now, neither one of them alone can make a good minivan, big surprise.

  12. Thank You so much to all of you simple folk who responded to my posting, it was inteneded to spark and it worked. I do know what is going on and you will see that what I say is true. Hey Vince, I am the same guy who told you exactly how the sentra would be styled before any pictures. When you all see the Sentra in the flesh you will be embarassed that some of you are so simple to rule this car out. It’s one on one proportions are outstanding. Now, the Altima….It looks like a familiar Altima because of it’s success. But…It’s beefier and very powerful and aggressive. You will love it Vince. As you will all of the rest of the lineup. Let’s face it, all of you…..Nissan has the best looking cars around.

  13. I currently own a Quest and have owned 1 Odyssey and 2 Toyotas. The Quest is by far superior in transmission shifting, ride and handling, not to mention the incredible acceleration. Who are you Nissan Spyking ??. Because you are very accurate and spot on! Keep up the great work!

  14. Yes. Thanks to Spyking for the very accurate comment and insider views.
    I do like Nissans a lot. I was just disapointed in the maxima when I finally got to drive one for a few days.
    The steering was like a video game and the car didn’t feel very solid… That’s all..

  15. Thanks Vince, I will let you know more…..By the way, The Maxima and Altima steering for ’07, coming right off the Z

  16. Nice to see they got that dashboard fixed. Apparently the niche for cross-eyed drivers wasn’t all that big. I think they just put Toyota and Honda out to pasture. Now if they’ld just add stow-N-go seating they’ld have Chrysler beat too! (at least untill next year)

  17. I actually can’t wait to see the new Altima.
    It still looks great s it is now.

    If anyone has anything they would like to share with me,(pics, info) but don’t want it published. they can Email it to me.
    I’ll keep it to myself.

    Good news about the steering. I haven’t driven a Z, but I imagine the steering on that car to be 1st class.

  18. GM sells more cars than anyone !, so with your small mind tinking, Gm is the Best? Grow up, quantity is NOT quality. Just like the posts in this forum ,only a few, like the one you are reading make sense. Think before you post, and then you won’t look like such an idiot or be such an easy target.

  19. Nissan has the best looking vehicles?

    They are the worst looking with the sole exception of the Z Cars.

    Oh, ok Kia and Hyundia might be slightly uglier but not much.

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