2007 Pontiac G5

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This is actually a picture of the Canadian Pontiac Pursuit. A pontiac version of the Chevrolet Cobalt, with a redesigned front end and rear lights.

But Pontiac just announced a small “entry level G5 coupe based on the Cobalt ” for the US market. At around $15 000.
That could be a cool all new Pontiac coupe. Or just a rebadged Cobalt. Just like what they did with the “new” Chevrolet based

Let’s hope not…. What do you think?

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  1. GM is a master at badge engineering, an idea that has been among the causes of GM’s slow demise.

    You’d think GM’s management would have learned by now that badge engineering demeans the company’s brands and creates indifference on the part of car buyers.

    Well, I guess not. GM’s managers are brain-dead and they’re killing the company, too.

    So, will we now get a crappy Cobalt with Pontiac nostrils on it with the expectation that legions of buyers will stand in line to purchase one?


  2. Ahh GM, Headed for bankrupcy at the speed of light and still trying 1975 tricks on the “STUPID PUBLIC”. Selling the same car 4 different ways. Can Anyone tell? will anyone know?

  3. This reminds me of Cavalier… and that isnt a good thing. I can’t quite pinpoint what’s making this one look cheap. It could be the deeply recessed front side windows and the after-thought rear spoiler. And the smallish chrome wheels aren’t helping anything either. This has to be the most generic design I’ve seen in awhile. Why isn’t anybody accusing GMs and Ford of pumping out generic designs? They seem to be the worst offenders these days.

  4. I’ve got $100.00 that says Douchebag thinks the Pontiac Pursuit is the next coming! “All hail GM!!!”

  5. Well, let’s hope this isn’t true.
    That Pontiac will actually sell us something different.

    I think the Opel Astra coupe hatch would be a great entry level Pontiac.

  6. this pontiac will do just fine thank you.
    we don’t need more opel shit over here.

    my cousin used to have an opel years ago. a small coupe they used to sell over here.
    needless to say it was crap next to any us cars.

    come to think of it, i think it was put together by isuzu.
    talk about axes of evil!

  7. Ladies and gentlemen! Roll up roll up! See what happens when brothers and sisters have sex with each other!


    Douchebag Jones!!

    Mississippi Mud Pie couldn’t be thicker.

  8. ok when is buick gonna get a skyhawk version ? and lets reserect olds and give it a firenza version, and while where at it this would make a great caddy cimmaron ! tisk tisk gm doing almost everything they said they werent going to do, no more badge engineering, making gmc-buick-pontiac streamlined and no versions of cars that other divisions had ! why do they also have daily press confrences saying shit to make them look good and like there trying to change only to turn around and do exactly what they said they were not gonna do !!!!!!!!!! and also if toyota brought this piece of shit out (cobalt-pursuit) they would be laughed at by every single person…

  9. Ha! @ “the Pontiac will do fine”

    You must be on Mars,douchebag. This crap will be pulled after it’s first year.

  10. It’s just so easy to badge engineer cars so every GM dealer will sell every car–doesn’t matter what the name of the thing is.

    Trouble is that the brands lose their meaning. Nobody cares about GM’s brands except for Cadillac and Chevy.

    Successful platform sharing is another matter: Toyota/Lexus, Honda/Acura, Nissan/Infiniti share platforms but the cars are clearly differentiated. GM, Ford, and DCX do this successfully, too, but also scew up their brands by adding badge engineered models to the mix.

    I think it’s stupid to do that, but what do I know? I guess I know not to buy that crap.

  11. Badge engineering isn’t totally bad. When I shopped for a Cobalt last year, I couldn’t find lightly equipped models with ABS and side curtain airbags – those features were available, but only on the higher trimlines, on cars that had everything but the kitchen sink on them in terms of options. Doesn’t help when you are looking for safety and economy on a budget.

    Also, the interior in the SS (normally aspirated) Cobalt is just a lot nicer than in the LS or even LT Cobalts. But, the SS comes with an insurance penalty.

    The way to make badge engineering work for GM, is to offer ALL the Pontiac Pursuits – err – G5’s – with the nicer SS (normally aspirated) style interior and with an SS (normally aspirated) style improved suspension (but 16 inch tires for comfort instead of 17 inch) and better steering (instead of the overly light electric steering). Offer it in coupe style only, because Pontiac is supposed to be the young/sporty division. Include ABS and side airbags.

    Aim at the Mazda3/Civic Coupe (non-Si) crowd.

    Where Pontiac went wrong with the (cough)Sunfire(cough) was in trying to match the budget Chevy line trim level for trim level and price for price.

    If they can come out with a G5 Coupe with nicer interior, 16″ alloy wheels, the 2.4 engine stock (why bother with the 2.2?), ABS, and side curtain airbags, for $17,000-18000, I think they will have a winner.

    Remember, the best deals are on cars that turn up in quantity on dealers’ lots, not on a one-off car you have to order!

  12. WHY SO MUCH FLACK FOR BADGE-ENGINEERING? Toyota does it with EVERY model (Camery/LexusES) (Hylander/LexusRX) (4Runner/LexusGX) (Corola/LexusIS) (LandCruiser?LexusLX) … and Lexus customers never even QUESTION it. Are Toyota customers really that much DUMBER? Or is it just “Politically Correct” to rag on GM because GM invented it in the ’30’s and Toyota just started copying them in the 80’s?

  13. Any idiot knows that Toyota is Quality and GM is Crap. Thats why GM has to resort to “Badge Engineering” instead of making UNIQUE products like Toyota ALWAYS does. And that’s why I traded my old Corolla in on a “uniquely Toyota” Matrix. ( Or was that the old Geo Prism… that I traded in on a Pontiac Vibe?) wait a minute… Who’s the idiot?

  14. Toyota and GM are one in the same, don’t be another toyota sheep, but the point is this, NO more mention in any way about Douchbag and he/it will go away, resist any response and it’s gone

  15. This is the new Corolla, are they changing the name of that car too. You have to wonder why Toyota keeps changing their small car name. Tercel, Echo, Yaris. Could it be bad reputation or that they want to spend millions rebuilding names every 2-4 years???? What are they up to.

  16. Ya if they were as good as the toyota sheep think, why wouldn’t you build on that quality name. ie, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra. Same names for a long time = great cars

  17. This is a piece o’ crap i loved the sunfire but they replaced it with this junk???? Even i could design a way better car.And GM should stop Saturn. And replace it with some cheap,reliable,and sporty looking cars.

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