2007 Porsche Cayenne

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It doesn’t look too real to me. But this is pretty much what the Cayenne will look like very soon.

I must say, I see more and more of these Porsche SUVs around, I guess since the $$42 000 V6 is available, and I am getting used to them.
They do have much more presonality than the Touareg. And the interiors are very nice looking.

Anyone here owns one?

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  1. $42K seems too much for this smallish, bulbous, SUV. And I say that after having recently bought both a Navigator and a Cadillac pickup; each costing a lot more than $40-$50k.

  2. To 9:45 PM Anonymous….

    I am sorry that you cannot afford that chinky or the Toyota…..Oh….no….you can’t even afford to buy sth to cover your N_E_C_K_A_S_S

  3. I have to say it looks more like a Porsche with the new headlights. Im not a Porsche fan, but i must say its kind of neat looking.

  4. i agree the cayenne has more personality than the toureg, but why is the much cheaper toureg much nicer on the inside, besides the toureg is nicer than most luxury suvs, im not sure it should be nicer than the more exspensive version of its self…..

  5. AHAHA Toyota Sienna headlights. Anyways, why are they changing the front, that looked fine before, it was the back that was hideous, and the interior.

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