2007 Toyota Tundra

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You’ve seen my (exclusive) spy pics bfore.
These are the 1st official shots of the new , larger Tundra.
It looks to me that this time, they got the formula right.

What do you guys think, should Detroit really worry this time around?

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  1. this is ww2 all over again. but this time, the japs might just win.
    i call for a complete boycott of this monstrocity

  2. It looks great and I’m sure Toyota has done thier homework this time around. I do think that GM, Ford and DC will lose some ground to this…or will they??? It’s a Toyota: Built very well but boring as a two slice toaster!!!

  3. That has to be the widest centre stack I’ve ever seen. And the steering wheel’s a little dowdy as well. Overall, it doesn’t look as classy as the Ford, but otherwise it’s modern enough.

    It comes down to the mechanicals and specs in the end. There aren’t to many styling options when it comes to pickups, and you start to see the same looks recycled.

  4. To be honest i dont think so at all, the exterior and interior are oddly desighned almost ridgeline and titan with more curves (but to be honest i like it, but as far as ales i dont think it will do much to the americans). I think overall the car is competition but so was the titan it has the specs and the size but just doesnt sell because of its odd looks but doesnt seem to much threat

  5. Looks Like a Toyota….That’s not a compliment. Toyota trucks rust prematurely…..that’s a fact. Douchy is not allowed to comment

  6. Rudeness should be your name. Here’s what rusty rude must do. Look in the mirror, now shake your head violently. Now the rust will fall out your ears. Now, think straight, TOYOTA’s DO RUST!!!!

  7. Yes, and it all stems from that Douchbag guy. I’m not swearing,that’s what this gentleman calls himself. He is very abusive and Douchy should be removed. Anyone agree?

  8. I think they trying to copy too much from dodge. Im not feeling it at all. The headlights are too small for that oversized grill. And it looks like it has too plastic on the outside

  9. The chrome strip on the front is a tad too thick. If they thin that out a bit it’s more of a winner to me.

  10. Looks like a really big tacoma. Any car that is driven constantly in deep snow or in a city by the beach will prematurely rust. Any one see dodge’s front wheel drive Rampage truck concept. Seems like dodge is considering a ridgeline like vehicle. Its just like when car based SUVs first came to market.

  11. At the risk of being flamed, I also think it’s time to eject douchebag. His comments are inane, prejudiced, and depressing, and add nothing to the discussion.

    I like American cars too but DB is just trying to rile people.

    P.S. The truck isn’t that big a threat and the interior is very “fussy”. I agree with the 4th poster, mechanicals will tell more of the story.

  12. I think that gay men will flock to this truck. No offense,I’m gay and I just think it’s so rugged and cute at the same time. OH My Gosh!!, it’s a sweetheart. Gay Truckers unite!!!

  13. Toyota may get the specs right, but don’t forget GM is a cornered animal right now. I’d be interested in how the new GM trucks will compare.

    P.S. My 10 year old toyota has no rust.

  14. The people buying these are pretty brand loyal. I think Nissan proportionately suffer more than Ford or GM, but, time will tell.

  15. Imagine all the sweaty boys that will drive these beasts, oh I can’t take it. It’s a gay truck lovers dream come true.

  16. This is much better looking than Ridgeline. I’m loving the assymetrical dash too. Very unconventional, yet the design is seamless. I’m willing to bet that this is far superior to F150 in every measure.

    But… F150 are purchased by people in the red states. I’m sure many of them are reluctant/embarassed/scared to buy a Japanese truck.

    Pricing could be issue too. F150 extended cab v8 is $28k msrp, but you can pick one up for $24k. If the current pricing is any indication, Tundra will be $2000 dearer on average.

    I’m willing to pay $2-3 more for a Toyota truck. But will middle America?

  17. So this is Toyota’s “big can of woopass”? More like candyass. The Tundra looks like an overinflated Tacoma, an exaggerated caricature of what the Japanese think a full-sixed pickup should look like. The few styling cues from the far superior FTX show truck are wasted on this soft-looking monstrosity. And what’s with the dashboard? Half brushed metal look, half black, a too-wide center stack (or is that 2 center stacks side-by-side?) and all ugly. Toyota’s latest effort looks like a swinging strike. I don’t think GM, Ford or Dodge have anything to worry about. Their pickups (as well as the Nissan Titan) are all far better looking, inside and out.

    Of course Toyotafiles will argue about Toyota’s supposedly superior quality, but given their recalls of late, even that’s not a certainty.

  18. That would look great in a gay pride parade!!! I can just see RuPaul all done up in sequins and her big hair singing “You Better Work!!!”

  19. The very same people who whine about the old Tundra not being big enough are the same ones who wouldn’t dare buy anything other than Ford/GM/Dodge anyway. Their criticisms are virtually worthless and certainly tiresome.

    Plenty of people will buy the new Tundra for it’s capabilities, durability, resale value, and overall refinement. This will be the Lexus of trucks.

    And it looks pretty nice…

    …for a truck.

  20. ” Their criticisms are virtually worthless and certainly tiresome.”

    Yes, as worthless and tiresome as the endless twaddle from the Toyota-is-God rabble.

  21. Apart from the engine (5.7 V8) and transmission (6-speed), the new Tundra was entirely styled and engineered in North America. It will be built in a new manufacturing facility in Texas and I understand the marketing will have a Latino bent to it. Maybe the gay Latinos will like it most 🙂

  22. That first ‘gay’ comment was funny…now it’s getting old. I don’t think the GM/Ford guys have anything to worry about; they get LOADS of fleet sales b/c they can be had for CHEAP. Nissan better watch out though.

  23. Absolutely the best design Toyota have EVER done! A little Chrysler Aspen in the dash (but without the wood& with harder ForRunner-type plastics). A close clone of the Dodge Grill (but switching horz lines for the crosshair). Too bad Ford did such a phenominal job on the F150 dash. This Toyota is better thatn the previous Ford or Chevy but not quite up to the current Ford or new Tahoe. I think the ’06 Ram’s new dash is still nicer– but not buy the huge margin it used to be. Overall, its enough to keep Toyota fans from veering off to NISSAN, Dodge, GM, or Ford. But probably not enough improvement to get the fans of America Metal to switch sides.

  24. ANONYMOUS SAID: “They should have called it the “Toyota WOOPASS” I think the correct term is “Toy-ota DUMASS”. They should have taken the oppertunity to break new ground– like NISSAN ’04 and Dodge back in ’93. Instead, they lost their nerve and just enlarged the Tacoma. On the other hand, I’ve always thought that Toys appealed mainly to folks who hate cars, want the “anti-car” or “anti-truck”; and are therefore blind when it comes to design.

  25. What’s up with those “GAY” comments?? “Only gay people will buy this Truck??” Give me a break….considering GM / Ford and Dodge have most of the US Truck market, I think they have more gay drivers than the Toyota.In other words, trucks from GM / Ford and Dodge are GAY TRUCKS??

  26. To all of you who are already giving this truck a thumbs down: I understand how everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also understand that there are certain people who are very loyal to their favorite brands (i.e. Ford, Dodge, Chevy, Nissan, etc.) and that’s not a bad thing. I admire those who are passionate about their favorite car companies. I, myself, am a Toyota fan. I embrace and praise their achievements and qualities. But, at the same time I study and research on their flaws and what they’re doing to improve those flaws.

    What’s my point (you all might ask)? There is no car company that is completely perfect. There are some which are better than others, but none of them have the title “The Most Perfect Car Company.” Now here’s the thing: how could you guys possibly begin to judge the new Tundra’s capabilities, refinement (etc..) without taking a test drive yourself, rather alone look at it in person? You can’t assume a car is going to be a certain way just because of one of your past experiences with an older model from the same brand.

    Look at Ford. Look at Chevy. Look at Hyundai, even. They’ve all made drastic improvements. Toyota is no different. They’ve had amazing cars in the past and whether you’d like to admit it or not, they’re still making great cars. I don’t know some of you guys just hate the company, are in complete denial, or just feel threatened by their continuously growing company.. but, one thing’s for sure: in this day in age, especially with this kind of car company, quality and refinement will continue to come our way from Toyota.

    And..to be honest, this new Tundra may not appeal to everyone.. but it will sure as hell impress a lot of potential buyers.

    Haven’t we learned yet not to judge a book by it’s cover? It’s time that we grow up and expand our minds. We need to recognize the good with the bad.

  27. all you ford fans just remember what used to be the best selling car in america…. the ford taurus, well what is it now? just thought id throw tht in! this truck could put the big three out of busness(dought it)or could sell like crap who knows just give it a chance and a drive befor you put it down… im a 98 taco owner and im very loyal to toyotas but i wont put ford gm and dodge down just because i prefer toyotas. that said i love this new truck and will def be buying one in a year or two to replace my 98 taco wich i have never had to do anything to but change the brakes air filter oil etc. and has no rust at all lol

  28. I wonder if Toyota will feature the new Tundra in a hybrid-style treehugger spot? Maybe they can start with their “Do you want cleaner air, do you want to live longer” twaddle, than feature the Tundra squashing a Prius. Show their real colors.

  29. “Their criticisms are virtually worthless and certainly tiresome.”

    Yes, as worthless and tiresome as the endless twaddle from the Toyota-is-God rabble.

    That may be the case, but my point wasn’t to praise or bash any manufacturer.

    I think this Toyota Tundra is a respectable addition to the gas-guzzling truck market which demands bigger and bigger vehicles for some insane, uniquely American want.

    The old Tundra did it’s job just fine, but Toyota wants a piece of the Big Three truck pie. If Americans don’t give a damn about fuel economy, then manufacturers give ’em what they want.

  30. I like the interior, the dash and stack have definite driver- and passenger-areas.
    Good way to keep focused.
    Looks big, headlights are a little odd but other than that it looks more interesting than other trucks-I’m sure it’ll look better in another color rather than that blue.
    Might not sell overwhelmingly but it’ll make some money for Toyota-something I don’t see happening to Ford and GM.

  31. That last comment was pretty accurate according to the numbers. A comment like this says alot more than any profanities ive seen here.
    Ultimately pride and immaturity does’nt prove anyones point nor does it sell trucks.

  32. “gay truck”

    Let’s see…handsome, successful, personable men driving a new refined, smooth-running, well-mannered, and tastefully styled Tundra…

    …or some uncouth, NASCAR-loving, tobacco-spitting redneck driving around in his 10 mpg penis extension, er, I mean Hemi.

    Hmmm…queer truck for the straight f*ck.


  33. only gay’s [sic] will buy it!

    That just makes it easier to identify the grain from the chaff.

    Good job, Toyota!

  34. this is ugly. I don’t think they should worry. they took designs from the f150,ram,titan and tryed it on for fit and it don’t. lets tell the truth they are good at imatating other companies’ designs.

  35. all you ford fans just remember what used to be the best selling car in america the ford taurus what is it now… im not saying this truck will sell better than the americans mainly because most rednecks wouldnt even go near one let alone test drive it because its “foreighn”(sp?) even tho its made entirely in the u.s. wich is more than most american auto makers can say, im sure it will sell much better than the titan tho and will def bring american truck sales down. im a 98 taco owner and im thinkin bout gettin one of these in a year or twop.s. i have never done anything to my truck but change the oil air filter brakes etc. and it has no rust AT ALL so what is the rust guy talkin bought?and if you want to see one of the reasons i love toyota trucks check out this vid on my bloghttps://myspace.com/pages/blog

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