2007 Volvo S80

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New pictures just came out.
A very nice and expensive looking car.

But I still think to most people, it looks exactly like the old one.
Not to people like us, who are obsessed with cars.
But people who are actually buying them.

If they didn’t like the previous one, they’re not going to like this one…

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  1. It makes you wonder why did they even bother with the exterior. However the interior looks great. I’m glad to see they are sticking with the floating center console that originated from the S40.

    Nice car, just not for me.

  2. There are similarties. There is defintely some refinement in this version of the S80. The S80 wasn’t bad before, but this looks cleaner and will sell.

  3. if you want problems , get a volvo.
    since when do these guys make good cars
    wouldn’t you look like an idiot telling your neighboors you bought a volvo?

    get a ford 500 or a mercury montego.
    you’ll get a larger car with a better interior, and the thicker american steel.
    plus you’ll save $20 000!

  4. i think this new volvo is nice and the only volvo ive ever liked was the s60r, and 850r. i dont think people will confuse this with the old one because the roof looks higher, the car overall looks shorter and more tapered (and less like a swedish town car), is it a huge step in volvo desighn no, is it pretty conservative yeah, but doesnt look just like the old one like the xj(and the old one to me acutally looked more upscale and expensive).

  5. Douchebag, here’s a question for u! Who was the major contributor to the Ford Five Hundred and Montego?

    Answer: Volvo, dumbass. They lead in safety technology.

  6. Hey dumb dumb, ford own volvo or did you forget that?

    GET A JOB DOUCHEBAG and move out of your mom’s house. You are 23 for god’s sake.

  7. there is no way a ford 500 has a better quality or nicer interior than this new S80. also, although it has some similarities, it is definetly not the same at all as the old one

  8. Volvo has an attractive and distinctive design language and they are smart to stick with it while adding refinements.

    I’m also appreciative that they brought over the floating console, as it will now soon be a Volvo design signiture and the whole interior looks attractive and sufficiently upscale. It is clearly helped beige/cream color however; I’m curious how well those blank surfaces look in black or gray.

  9. Hehe, I think the outside is much sportier than the previous dull one.

    Though I don’t like that “thin” cockpit of newer Volvos.

    Anyway I think a Volvo’s quality is far better than a Ford / Mercury. I guess there’s no discussion about that¡¡¡.

  10. I think this is a massive improvement over the current S80. The problem is, it looks too similar to the lesser sibling, S60.

    From the front quarter view, even car guys will have a tough time telling it apart from the current S60.

    It’s a shame, because the rear quarter view is very nice. They should redesign the headlight somehow. Maybe make it bleed onto the hood a little bit, like the ES330. And make the front grill a bit wider. A little more aggressive front skirt, to match the rear one.

  11. Wow, the Douche just put down a Ford product.

    Maybe I should take out a bet on the Saints winning the SuperBowl because hell has already frozen over. 😛

  12. love ur blog vince. ive been viewing ur little car site for many years now, but its my first posting. the reason: djones. i don’t know. this whole american pride is getting a little annoying. i’m asian, and i do like some american cars. but sorry, i can’t understand djones at all!

  13. Much better than the existing S80, but, I will agree, not enough design changes on the outside. This inside is very cool and clean. I hate the busy look that automakers have adopted.

  14. This Swedish /Ford shit won’t sell. Do you remember when volvo was sued because they reinforced the pillars on a car in an ad with 2×4’s. Yes, those jerks reinforced a car that was crushed to show how much SAFER they were. They are not any safer , It’s marketing, Wake up you idiots!! Swedish berries and hotties are the only things the swedes make well!

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